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Instagram gives everyone the ability to hide tastes

More than two years after starting experimenting with taste tips, Instagram makes it the official feature. The app will now allow all users to hide their tastes, even if it maintains the optional function and users need to activate the obscurities as counts in their settings.

With the update, users can choose to remove likes on their posts, or hide likes on other users ’posts in their feeds. Users who choose to hide likes on their own photos will still be able to see who has interacted with their posts, but it will take a few extra touches to access the statistics.

The change is a slightly delicate version of Facebook which didn’t give users a choice to know if they liked it. The company had hoped that it would make me less prominently “depressurize” the app and remove some of the negative pressure associated with the service. But early experiments proved controversial between some users, and Instagram boss Adam Mosseri The information that hiding tastes was “polarizing” and that their “logic has changed”.


At the same time, Instagram and Facebook are still very much at odds with questions about how social media works , particularly for younger users. And lawmakers have put questions about the mental health of teens amid the company’s plan to create a version of less than 13 years.

In its latest announcement, Instagram says it plans to fund more on its platform, including how it affects adolescents and younger users. The company asks researchers and nonprofits to “help them better understand the experiences on Instagram that may or may not contribute to the safety and health of our community.”

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