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Incredible mod turns Game Boy Advance into a mini switch

Modifying an 18-year-old Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP with improvements such as an improved screen and a larger battery is relatively painless. But modding GBA SP so it functions like dedicated 16-bit switcher with Joy-Con and TV-out support? This is a grand challenge that Macho Nacho Productions somehow relieved to look.

Among the dedicated fans of GBA SP who have been sticking with this console for almost two decades, Macho Nacho Productions probably best known for his promised upgrade kit what adds modern conveniences to the console for example, a larger battery, wireless charging, a headphone jack, and Bluetooth support for wireless audio streaming. The idea is to take a classic console and bring it up to speed with more modern handhelds, but what if someone does the opposite, take a modern handheld and replace high-definition 3D games with retro 16-bit graphics? Is the world ready for GBA Switch?

Screen upgrade kits are already available for the GBA SP, which allow port for connecting the PDA to the video signal output to connect to your TV and play classic GBA games on the big screen. Using this as a starting point, Macho Nacho Productions’ Tito and Kyle Brinkerhoff still had to develop a custom 3D printed rear case replacement that included a pair of Joy-Cons rails to attach to, plus plenty of room. for custom PCB and Raspberry Pi. Zero so that the Joy-Cons can wirelessly control the GBA gameplay. On top of that, they needed to cram a large 2000mAh battery in there to power all the extra electronics.

The results no longer represent a GBA SP to fit in your pocket, so the duo even created a custom Switch-like dock that can store a modified PDA, making it easy to plug into a TV as well. Brinkerhoff has included all the files you need on their GitHub page for anyone looking to tackle this update on their own, including a link where you can buy custom PCB board

Just don’t expect the mod’s functionality to be as smooth as a real Nintendo Switch. Joy-Cons wireless connection is a lengthy process that involves connecting the Raspberry Pi to a computer and running custom code, and this should happen every time the GBA Switch is powered on. It feels like real pain and it alone could be enough to justify shelling for the Nintendo Switch Online service, cross your fingers that Nintendo will one day add GBA to the list of supported retro consoles.

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