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iFixit looks at Apple’s new 24-inch iMac

It’s been years since iFixit people have had one new iMac tear but now they’ve attacked Apple’s newly released 24-inch model. When you compare it to the 2014 5K iMac concept the thing that jumps is how little space the computer parts occupy. Apple’s M1 chip, associated hardware, RAM and everything else are stuffed into a narrow logical table that fits entirely into the chin of the new desktop.

An X-ray shot reveals that while they hide their antennae in the Apple logo, this time they don’t have the shape of an apple. There doesn’t seem to be a RAM or SSD expansion slot hidden there, although we didn’t expect to be able to upgrade the hardware in these machines. The iFixit repair is still underway, so take a look now and then check back to find out what exactly these metal shields are, or how TouchID works in a wireless keyboard accessory.

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