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Hyundai’s 300-kilometer Ioniq 5 crossover EV officially comes to the United States

Hyundai slowly abandoned advice on the capabilities of its next 2022 Ioniq 5, the first EV built on the company’s new E-GMP vehicle platform, since its initial mockery in the Frankfurt Lounge last August. But time for suggestions has passed as Ioniq 5 made its official debut in North America on Monday.

We’ve already got a pretty good look at what will be under the hood of the Ioniq 5 when it hits retailers ’showrooms: a 72.6 kWh (or optional 77.4 kWh) battery powered single electric motor (2WD) or dual (4WD) to deliver up to 300 miles of range, 320 horsepower, 446 pound-feet of torque, towing capacity of 1,500 pounds and a 0 to 60 MPH in less than 5 seconds, depending on the load of your vehicle.

Hyundai Crete

Its 800V electrical architecture allows it to recharge up to 350 kW meaning it can fill from 10 percent to 80 in 18 minutes or add 62 miles of power in just 5 minutes. A level 2 charger will do the job in 6 hours and 43 minutes. As an incentive to future buyers, Hyundai offers unlimited free 30-minute charges on Electrify America’s 600-station network for the first two years of Ioniq 5 ownership.

Ioniq 5 will also be the first EV to offer Hyundai’s new windshield-based AR HUD. The Kona EV that we reviewed back into the pre-COVID before it featured a HUD pop-up slug that emerged from the steering column when it was in use. This new display features information – navigation instructions, ADAS alerts, and even an unobstructed 360-degree view of the outside of the vehicle outside at 4 feet – directly on the windshield itself.

ion 5

Hyundai Crete

The HUD comes with a 12-inch central infotainment system that could become quite useful in the near future. You see, Hyundai is currently developing a secure in-car payment system that will essentially store the driver’s credit card information in the infotainment system, which will allow them to pay for everything from EV charging port time to fast food and coffee until the parking lots. Imaging will never need to frustrate the rear seat cushions looking quarters ever again. He is living the dream here. There’s no word on when this feature might actually be, but Hyundai has set its white OTA update schedule for April and October, so fingers crossed for the fall.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility are both standard and the Ionq 5 will work with the latest version of Hyundai’s Bluelink connected car service that allows drivers to control various on-board systems and receive status updates with their smartphones . While in the vehicle itself, drivers and passengers can control a number of functions – including AC, heated and flying seats, as well as opening and closing the luggage compartment door – with simple voice commands.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai Crete

We don’t even know what Hyundai plans to ask for the Ioniq 5, although we now know where we’ll see them first. According to the carmaker, the Ionq 5 will be “sold in Hyundai stores in all 10 states of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV)” plus Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona in the second half of this year. year, before a wider one the progress happens in 2022.

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