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How to introduce Gizmodo, io9 and Earther

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Illustration: Jim Cook / Gizmodo

We’re always happy to consider offers from freelancers who want to write ambitious investigations and storytelling, mid-length content reporting, and first-person essays. Expose something. Take us somewhere. Tell us your incredible personal story. Send us a really original version. Here’s how to market us and what we’re looking for right now for our tech, culture, consumer tech, io9, Earther, and science reach.… This post will be updated as our needs change.

How to email your presentation

Send your suggestions to [email protected] or email me directly at [email protected] (Often you will work with me and the desktop editor.) Include a description of your presentation, who you hope to interview for the article (if applicable), potential headline ideas, estimated turnover, and links to your previous published work. If your story intersects with tables or differs from others, submit it anyway!

Technology and culture

We would love to see reports of the experience of unusual events, profiles of pioneers and radicals, powerful conspirators and cunning swindlers, as well as fascinating stories from the depths of history and the wild edges of the Internet. Explore the intersection of technology, life, culture and subcultures. Previously:

In addition, to complement our news, we’re looking for accessible reviews, detailed breakdowns and deeper dives into our core areas of coverage – technology and work, radical policy changes, corporate misconduct, privacy and security, and more. We also need speculative articles (for example, on the future of automation, artificial intelligence, or quantum computing), as well as more promising, promising, technically advanced topics. Previously:

Consumer technology

Image for an article titled How to Pitch Gizmodo, io9, and Earther

Illustration: Jim Cook (Gizmodo)

In addition to consumer technology narratives and investigations, we are currently looking for oral histories of famous gadgets. We need stories about product design, available technologies, and some reports on the global chip crisis and its impact on everything around us. We accept customized consumer technology reviews. Consider submitting an idea for one of our recurring episodes: nostalgic essays about non-existent technologies and reviews of the greatest failures in technology historyPreviously:


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Image: Elena Scotti (Gizmodo)

We welcome more oral histories, especially cult classics, and articles on the state of Hollywood and work in Hollywood from a variety of sources; well known and behind the scenes, in general and especially with regard to diversity and inclusion issues. io9 would like to receive detailed essays on genres of fiction from a personal perspective, detailed reports on the possibilities of any of our areas of coverage, and detailed opinions on major franchises. We are not looking for resumes, movie reviews or TV episodes (unless you have film experience), most listings, or fiction (unless we specifically ask you to submit fiction). Previously:


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Photo: Brian Kahn (Gizmodo)

Earthlings are curious about communities at the forefront of the climate crisis, detailed reports of Big Oil and other intruders, and technologies that can help (or harm) the climate. We look for things at the intersection of climate and culture, and what they say about society and our relationship to climate change. We are also very interested in technologies that affect people’s daily lives and their carbon footprint – heat pumps, smart thermostats, induction ovens – both in how they can reduce emissions and how they can be linked to greater government support. so that everyone has access. Previously:

The science

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Illustration: Elena Scotti (Photo: Getty Images, Shutterstock)

We are looking for stories that showcase the world of science and health from different angles, whether it is the profile of a researcher obsessed with an unpleasant problem, a detailed explanation of how the particle accelerator works, stories about patients who are fighting for the treatment they need, a photo story about the excavation fossils or investigating a pseudoscientific scam, to name just a few of the possible options. We welcome presentations for both short and long stories. Previously:

Billing and payment

We’ll start the invoicing process as soon as you submit your first draft. You will need to create a profile in our internal system. Once published, you will invoice through the system in PDF format. (We will help you.) The cost depends on the size of the project. Payment will be made within 30 days from the date of invoice.

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