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How To Hide Your ‘Last Active’ Status On Instagram – Gadget To Use

Recently, I talked about how hide your status online Facebook from your friends so they can’t disturb you when you’re online. This problem can also be found here on Instagram, where people can start posting DM when they see you active. So, if you want the same privacy even on Instagram, there’s an option for that too. Here, I’ll explain how you can hide your active status on Instagram if you don’t want anyone to know that when you were active on the platform.

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Birth of Instagram Active Status

The feature is called “Activity Status” which in deactivation hides your latest activity on the social platform from your followers. Here we have put together a step-by-step guide to disable activity status on the Instagram app and even on PC.

In the Instagram App

Follow the steps below to turn off your activity status on the app:

1. Open u Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

2. Tap your profile photo in the lower right corner and go to your own Profile.

3. Here comes the burger Menu (three horizontal lines) and then select Settings.

4. After that, tap Privacy and search Status of activity, tap on it.

5. On the next page, u Shows the Status of the activity the toggle is enabled by default. Toggle Off by tapping on it.

Here we go. Your Instagram activity status is now disabled and you can browse freely without anyone harassing you.

In Instagram PC

If you use Instagram on a PC or any browser, you can follow several steps that are mentioned below:

1. Open it on your PC or mobile browser and access your account.

2. Now click your profile print icon in the upper right corner and then click Settings.

3. Click here Privacy and Security and then deselect the box next to it Shows the Status of the activity.

Here we go. By following the above mentioned steps you can turn off your Instagram activity status. Also, if you are managing multiple Instagram accounts then you will need to turn off the feature for all accounts separately.

Note: When you turn off your Instagram activity status, you won’t even be able to see the online status of others, like WhatsApp last seen.

As you know, people you follow or with whom they chat on Instagram can see your latest active status. So when you turn off your business status, no one can start bombarding your inbox with more messages and you can talk to people at your convention.

For more Instagram tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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