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Hot Wheels ’latest RC Cybertruck puts a Cyberquad in hand for only $ 100

The Cybertruck of Hot Wheels he did not even send to all those who ordered one last February, but Mattel has already announced a new version that goes on sale this week. What is different? This year’s 1:10 version now includes the Cyberquad bike as part of the group, which can be properly loaded into the Cybertruck’s luggage. And this new game is much more expensive than the original collector’s edition – only $ 100 for the entire package, on sale this Friday at


How is that good? Well, this version will not have the removable shell so you can keep it inside. And it doesn’t include the “broken window” decal that was so fascinating last year. The lighting has also been changed a bit, and it’s half the speed, with a top speed of 12 miles per hour. The ATV is not even remotely controlled, so it certainly helps to keep the package at a reasonable cost. The Cybertruck will be controlled with a pad attached to the back of the OG Cybertruck panel, also included with the set.

Cyberquad remotely controlled from Mattel.


In Cybertruck 2020 has been announced at Toy Fair in February 2020 and has been delayed until this month. This new one will go on sale at 12:00 ET this Friday, it will be shipping promised from September 15 – good luck with the one shot, since last year’s two models (sizes 1:10 and 1:64) will be they are sold in a few hours.

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