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Honda’s first electric SUV will be called Prologue

Honda finally has a name for it first electric SUV, without counting the most accurate time. As well as Roadshow note, the car manufacturer has palisade that this EV passenger carrier (not pictured here) will be called Prologue when it arrives in early 2024. You may also see the US Acura promised sometime in the 2024 calendar, although that more vague promise suggests that this model traces the its more mainstream counterpart.

The company did not provide much detail on what the Prologue entails, although it reiterated that both the Prologue and its Acura counterpart works with GM Ultium batteries. Don’t expect the link to last long, though Honda will also promise EV in the second half of the decade based on a new “e: Architecture”.

The Prologue could be one of Honda’s most important cars in recent memory. The company predicts move fully to EVs by 2040, with 40 percent of major market sales or using hydrogen fuel cells or pills by 2030. If the brand is to meet those goals, it needs to spread broadly attractive EVs instead of relatively niche models like u Honda esi compact. The Prologue will begin this journey and show how well Honda can get through with combustion engines.

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