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Hideaki Anno presents the classic Toku Hero

The rider is jumping! Rider Kick! Kamen Ryder, Kamen Ryder, Ryder, Ryder!
Gif: Toei

Congratulations Shin Kamen Ryder best costume in a superhero movie, but then again, that’s mostly because it’s just original Kamen Ryder suit.

Today at a press conference in Japan Shin Kamen Ryder director and writer Hideaki Anno, who, in addition to his association with Evangelion Neon Genesis, used to take icons on tokusatsu Godzilla and Ultraman for their own films, “Shin”, together with co-creator Shinji Higuchi, revealed the main stars of the film along with trailers. The Last SamuraiSосsuke Ikematsu will play Takeshi Hongo, a young man kidnapped by the villainous Shocker organization and transformed into a super-powerful cyborg – only to turn against them and fight back their evil as the very first Kamen rider. First class lawyerMinami Hamabe will play one of Hongo’s closest allies in the original show, Ruriko Midorikawa, daughter of a professor who was murdered Kamen Ryderthe very first monster of the week, Spider-Man. In the original series, Ryuriko blamed Kamen Ryder for his father’s death before realizing the truth about Takeshi and becoming his ally against Shocker.

Aside from the cast, Anno, Ikematsu, and Hamabe debuted in two slightly different movie trailers, each containing very similar footage of Kamen Ryder gliding, jumping and performing stunts on his legendary bike – all set up as a tribute to the discovery. original show, down to the musical theme:

It is not yet known how there Shin Ultraman coming out – the film’s release has been delayed since the summer of 2021, and little has changed. from your own trailer-but bye Shin Godzilla tried a few bold novelties for the cult kaiju, Shin Kamen Ryder seems to be trying to mimic the classic Showa-era series as much as possible, presenting its tone and aesthetics through modern lenses. It makes sense – Anno is a loud and proud lifelong fan of the series, and even cosplayed Hongo when he was young. A photograph of the director in his old suit was even used as a new poster for an advertisement. Shin Kamen Ryder and the new thematic exhibition Hideaki Anno published in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun today along with a new conference:

So yeah, this is our first look at Shin Kamen Ryder Basically, Anno is filming a man in a superhero costume with insects doing bike stunts in his career? Ideally. Exactly what you expected. Shin Kamen Ryder due to hit Japanese theaters in March 2023.

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