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Helping Hurricane Ida Victims Now

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Hurricane Ida hits Louisiana on Sunday, as a powerful Category 4 storm, heavy torrential rain blown by sustained winds at over 150 mph (241 km / h). Then there are the consequences.

Countless trees, houses, businesses and lives are upside down due to this monstrous storm, which has become so intense in part due to the temperatures caused by climate change. overheating of the Gulf of Mexico… On Sunday evening all New Orleans went dark as nearly 1 million people across Louisiana lost electricity, this means the city is running out of electricity to power the pumps installed after Hurricane Katrina, which hit the city 16 years ago today. Ida’s forces changed the course of the fucking Mississippi River

While Hurricane Ida mercifully weakened to Category 3 status around 7:00 PM ET – six staggering hours after landfall as a Category 4 storm – devastating winds and heavy rains continue throughout the region, including in nearby Mississippi , who could not bear the brunt of Ida’s blow. the eye, but will nevertheless be severely damaged.

For many of us watching the unfolding tragedy in slow motion from afar, there is one key question: How can I help? Here are some good places to start and some specific suggestions to consider.

How to know which Ida charities to choose

Times of crisis present opportunities for scammers, so always be careful before making a donation. Check Charity navigator or Guidestar for a guide to the credibility of nonprofits accepting donations for Hurricane Ida victims. And if you suspect that someone is trying to trick people into withdrawing their contributions, you can report this to National Center for Disaster Fraud through him online portal or call 1-866-720-5721.

Local organizations helping victims of Hurricane Ida

If you are going to donate money or essentials, you want to know that your contribution will really help people. And often local nonprofits and other organizations know the needs of their communities best and are agile enough to allocate resources where they are needed most. Here are a few local organizations to consider.

Imagine water works: A conservation group founded in 2012 and based in New Orleans, Imagine Water Works is primarily concerned with environmental conservation and other environmental issues. But when hurricanes hit, the organization goes to work to help affected communities. Donate it to the efforts of Hurricane Ida here… And check out his guide to disaster preparedness here

Kajun Navy: Founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this 501 (c) 3 helps rescue people and supplies the supplies needed to cope with the disaster. You can donate supplies to the Kajun fleet here, contact a volunteer here, or donate funds through the PayPal organization here

If you need help or supplies, you can do it. here.

Other Bay Possible Cooperation: Focused on racial justice in the Gulf region, Another Gulf Is Possible is raising funds through the nonprofit ActBlue for the victims of Hurricane Ida. Funds raised through their ActBlue page will be distributed “directly to indigenous, black and brown people on the front lines affected by Hurricane Ida and groups currently unable to donate online, as well as directly to individual families. affected by the hurricane, ”the message says. to the group. You can donate here

The Ida page of another Gulf Is Possible has links to other groups and nonprofits that focus on supporting historically underserved communities.

NOLA Ready: Getting help on earth means that someone has to help on earth. The NOLA Ready City Foundation in New Orleans is gathering volunteers to help disaster-hit people like Ida get the help they need. Sign up for volunteering here

When a major disaster strikes anywhere, people from all over the United States, from Washington state To Massachusetts, jump to help. So, if you know an organization in your community that is preparing to help, reach out to see how you can get involved.

National Organizations Providing Relief for Hurricane Ida Victims

Mutual aid in natural disasters: A community-based disaster relief organization, Mutual Aid is recruiting volunteers to help with Hurricane Ida’s recovery efforts. hereand you can donate to the organization here

Red Cross: Agency needs an introduction, and of course a global organization is mobilizing to help the people affected by Hurricane Ida. To volunteer to help save people in Mississippi, click here and Louisiana here

United way: United Way of Southwest Louisiana helps people in times of disaster and common need. volunteers and donations… Click to find out more. For United Way of South Mississippi, volunteer here and donate here

Americares: Helping people affected by everything from earthquakes to disease outbreaks, pandemics and hurricanes, Americares has partnered with MathWorks to raise up to $ 500,000 in donations to the victims of Hurricane Ida. Donate here

Helping pets affected by Hurricane Ida

because pets are also family membersAnyone looking to help pets, whose lives are also influenced by Ida, can find many organizations in the region and beyond. V Austin Humane Society and Houston SPCA in Texas and Society of Atlanta People in Georgia, everyone took dozens of animals before Ida’s arrival. Operation Kindness, a homicide-free haven in North Texas, in partnership with Jefferson County SPCA in Louisiana to transport animals displaced during the storm. All of them can benefit from your support.

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