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Halloween kills footage tease big deaths, new peacemaker photo

Laurie Strode (center) of Jamie Lee Curtis leans against the hospital doorway as the crowd looks worried.

Laurie is waiting for hellish Halloween again.
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Columbia region League of Superpets finds the villain. Take a look at the first five minutes of NBC’s new TV channel. Land of the lost riff La Brea… David S. Goyer offers an update on Hellraiser remake. It also looks more at Chuckyreturn, and Mr.Mxizptlk warms up his vocals for the next Super girl… Get spoilers!

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League of Superpets

About the latest release his podcast (by using / Movie), Mark Maron said he was voiced by Lex Luthor in Washington. League of Superpets

I am doing two cartoons, both of which will come out next year. I play Lex Luthor in Super pets… and there are big stars.

The film also features the voices of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Keanu Reeves and others


Deadline reports that Keegan Michael-Key has joined the cast of the upcoming Willy Wonka movie in a currently undisclosed role.


In conversation with / MovieDavid S. Goyer talks about filming David Bruckner’s film Hellraiser The remake is already “two-thirds” ready.

[We’re] shooting as we speak. We’ve gone about two-thirds of the way, and that will be pretty neat. David Bruckner definitely stays true to mythology, but also reinvents some of them. I think it will be beautiful and terrifying.

Bat girl

During a recent interview with Entertainment tonightLeslie Grace revealed that she “has no idea” what her Batgirl will look like.

No, I’m dying! They didn’t tell me anything, to be honest, I can’t leak anything even if I knew. But I have no idea! I think I probably won’t learn much until I leave, but I really can’t wait to find out what this outfit looks like. I know I’m going to fit about 35 different parts for this suit. This is a big deal, so we want to fix it. I am very happy to see what this process will be like. My mom really wants to know. Yes, she wants to know the hair, everyone!

Don’t worry darling

Olivia Wilde shared on Instagram a short teaser for her latest film, Don’t worry darlingwith Florence Pugh as “a 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community” who “begins to worry that his glamorous company may be hiding disturbing secrets.”

Halloween Murders

Two new TV spots for Halloween Murders seems to suggest Cameron Elam does not relive his last meeting with Michael Myers.


New Dune the short advertises the heat between Zendaya and Timothy Chalamet.

No time to die

Meanwhile new No time to die the short features agents Nomi (Lashana Lynch) and Paloma (Ana de Armas).

Super girl

Thomas Lennon revealed that Mr. Mxisptlc is enjoying his own musical number in today’s episode of the show. Super girl in a recent interview with Wrapper

[A full musical episode] it would be fun. I know. It would be fun. And I will say that Melissa and I sing a lot between takes. But no, I know. It’s a shame. It’s a shame that this is a weird solo number where they also weirdly picked one of the people with probably the least amazing voice. But I make up for that with super-ultra-high kicks. So that’s what.


James Gunn and Entertainment Weekly showed a new photo his Suicide squad spin off Peacemaker


There is three new shots from “Accidental Death” – Syfy’s premiere episode Chucky

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Photo: Syfy

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Photo: Syfy

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Photo: Syfy

Roswell, New Mexico

KSiteTV there is a synopsis of “Angels of Silence, upcoming episode Roswell, New Mexico named after the song Counting Crows.

SINNERS AND SAVIORS – Liz (Janine Mason) and Max (Nathan Dean) race to find Heath (guest star Stephen Krueger) in the hopes that he can help find a way to get Jones out of Max’s body. Meanwhile, Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Isobel (Lily Coles) try to get to Dallas (guest star Quentin Plair). The episode was directed by Laura Petzke and written by Danny Tolly and Onalee Hunter Hughes (no. 310). The original air date is 09/27/2021.

La Brea

Finally, the first five minutes of NBC Land of the lostNew series in retro style are now available to watch online.

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