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Hacker targets “Apex Legends” in a plea to solve the pirate “Titanfall”


Apex Legends It would have been hacked to raise awareness about the unplayable status of the other game series from developer Respawn Titanfall. Players have taken to social media to report that battle royale server playlists have been replaced with a message that says “SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is attacked so is Apex.” Gamers have also received an “Important Message” popup after games pointing them to the same URL that has been active for a few months, according to PC Gamer.

The resulting disturbance to the encounter in Apex Legends asked Respawn to post a server update which he said solved the problem. In tweets, the study added that the attack “did not endanger the personal information or accounts of the players.”


While gambling piracy is often associated with to deceive o theft, it seems in this case that it was an extreme case of fan frustration for Respawn’s lack of attention to it Titanfall. Its use to defend against end-game hackers is also something that isn’t seen so often.

In short, Titanfall has suffered numerous vulnerabilities leading to crashed or overloaded servers and disconnections. After years of complaints, Respawn recently confirmed that he was working on a solution to the problems, which have plagued the title on Origin and Steam.

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