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Grimes Says AI Will Bring Communism into Confusion New TikTok

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Grimes, the musician and romantic partner of billionaire Elon Musk, is a big believer in artificial intelligence, according to a new TikTok video she released late Wednesday. What can AI do for humanity? Grimes insists that AI is a way to achieve Communism, something she says is good, avoiding “collective farming,” something she says is bad. Confused too? So are we.

“I have a proposal for communists,” Grimes says during an unfavorable start to his latest TikTok video.

“As a rule, most communists I know aren’t big fans of AI. But if you think about it, AI is actually the fastest path for Communism,” Grimes tells the camera without really explaining what. which means.

“So, if implemented correctly, AI could actually theoretically solve the abundance. Like, we can get to a situation where no one has to work, everyone is provided with a comfortable state of being … living comfortably,” Grimes said in a video decorated with confusion.

“AI could automate all agriculture and eliminate all corruption, thus bringing it to … as close as possible to true equality. So, basically, everything that everyone loves about communism, but without collective exploitation.” , said the musician before reaching the grand final. Or, perhaps, a punchline.

“Cuz, we’ll be right, forced farming isn’t really a vibration,” Grimes said.

The first problem, of course, is that Grimes never defines artificial intelligence. The term is thrown around all the time without explanation, and here it is no different. Grimes talks about a kind of Skynet situation where all the computers in the world talk about? Or is it something more humble? Be that as it may, how does this AI create the conditions that she believes will give birth to “Communism”, a word she can’t even define?

The second problem is that Grimes says we need to “resolve for abundance,” which is something this indefinite AI can seemingly deliver. Presumably, Grimes believes that we don’t have enough resources to feed, clothe and house everyone properly and that AI will give us some things in such abundance that everyone will finally have enough.

Obviously, this idea is idiotic. We are already “resolving for abundance” in the sense that the United States has more than enough resources to turn around. The country is a land of abundance that simply does not allocate resources efficiently to the people who are struggling. And “automate all agriculture”? Do you have any idea how much automation happens in modern farms? Today’s tractors have it DRM’d software, just in case your idea of ​​“farming” somehow includes a guy in a suit with a fork.

Of course, the idea that “abundance” is the problem was common among otherwise intelligent people in 20th-century futurism. Grimes says we’ll get to a point where “no one has to work” if we use only artificial intelligence, which sounds a lot like predictions from the 1950s and 60s about a post-work world. George Jetson spent only three hours a day there pushing the buttons thanks to advances in technology in its imaginary version of the 21st century. Worker productivity skyrocketed since the eighties, while wages have stagnated. Because we don’t all live life of pleasure figured in the Jetsons? Your landlord and your landlord have simply collected the money.

The third problem with this new TikTok video, of course, is what the fuck? Just generally, what on behalf of Kurzweil Grimes do you discuss here? Even the most generous interpretation is that he has no idea what he is saying. It also feels bad to point it out, because it’s the kind of stoner conversation you might have had in your bedroom at 19 years old. But Grimes is 33 years old. She is built as an artist with something to contribute when it comes to our discussion of technology. But this is just embarrassing.

Grimes is still romantically involved with Elon Musk, as far as we know, and they have a son together – a creature they named infamous X Æ A-Xii. Musk is worth $ 156 billion, making him the second richest person on the planet. But Grimes does not mention how his colleague could contribute to the problems the “communists” want to solve.

Everything Grimes talks about in his new video is something that requires a political solution, not a technology. If Grimes wants “everyone to be expected” maybe she can advocate a wealth tax that will redistribute her friend’s billions in programs that provide a real social safety net to millions of struggling Americans.

At the very least Grimes could define AI. Because as it is, she only talks about nonsense.

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