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Google’s Wear OS update makes apps easier to find and download


Google has given Wear OS some much-needed attention lately. At the start of the launch of its new smartwatch software collab with Samsung, Google focused on apps. It first made YouTube Music available on Wear OS and now makes the app easier to find and download.

As part of a new Play Store update for Android phones and smartwatches, users will see new search filters and category pages on phones that highlight “watch” or “watch faces” apps. You will also be able to remotely install your chosen software or visuals.


Meanwhile, the Play Store in Wear OS is receiving a new look in line with Google’s Material You concept. The goal is to make navigation simpler on the restricted surface of the display. As a result, Google puts important information in maps to make it easier to read and make a selection. If you decide to purchase, the Play Store will also invite you to open a purchase page on your Android phone or on the web to complete the purchase.

Google has said that the updates will be released in the coming weeks for Android phones and watches running Wear OS version 2.x and later.

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