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Google’s newest mesh Wi-Fi system has hit an all-time low of three.

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Families who still mostly work and study at home may find that their Wi-Fi network is under strain, especially if someone’s installation is far from their router. If you’re looking for updates, it might be worth considering a version. A package of three nodes is currently worth on Amazon. That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the most recent model, at $ 199 for a pack of three.

Buy Google WiFi (Bundle of Three) on Amazon – $ 149

The idea behind a mesh system is that after you set up nodes around your home, they can work together to provide a more reliable Wi-Fi network over a larger area than many individual routers can. The company says Google WiFi supports speeds up to 1.2Gbps. He claims that a single point can support multiple simultaneous 4K video streams, although the size of your home, building materials, and layout can all affect signal strength.

The system uses WPA3 encryption and dual-band communications, as well as security updates and parental controls. You can manage your network using the Google Home app.

It’s worth noting that Google WiFi isn’t as fast as the Nest WiFi system. Each site can cover up to 1,500 square feet, up from 2,200 square feet for the Nest WiFi router and 1,600 square feet for each additional hotspot. The latter also has a built-in Google Assistant smart speaker. Nest WiFi Three Piece Package Cost USD 350, though. If you’re looking for a robust mesh system that won’t go bankrupt, Google WiFi can help.

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