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Google’s new Nest of Sleep tracking Hub is on sale for $ 80 now

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Google launched the last Nest Hub in March and now we’re starting to see it discounted on the web. B&H Photo now has a second generation Nest Hub for $ 80, or $ 20 on its normal price and a new all-time low. This model, which has new sleep tracking features, was already a good value at $ 100 but this sale makes it even more tempting for those who want to expand their Google Assistant device ecosystem with a smart display.

Buy Nest Hub (2nd gen) in B&H Photo – $ 80

If you’re not familiar, this is Google’s response to the Amazon Echo Show (specifically the Echo Show 8) because it provides a visual interface with which you can interact with the Google Assistant. Its three remote field microphones also allow you to lower the order even to the Wizard, but those who like to have buttons on the screen to press and pages to scroll through have the option to do so. We appreciate that Google has updated the Nest Hub interface with improved dashboards for communications, entertainment, smart home controls and more.

The audio system in the latest Nest Hub is the same as that of the Nest Audio smart speakers (that is also on sale now), Which is impressive. The Hub could act as your main speaker in your kitchen or bedroom, and the Hub’s new standout feature is designed for the latter. This version has a built-in sleep tracker, which uses the Hub’s camera and microphones to detect when you’re asleep, if you’re roaring or coughing at night and even more so. Cherlynn Low found the Nest Hub’s ability to feel when it fell asleep was pretty good, but the detection of coughing and snoring was a little less reliable. Also, the data collected is a bit limited now, so it may not be very useful for most users.

But, regardless of whether you use it to track your night’s sleep or not, the second-generation Nest Hub improves on its predecessor in many ways. The Google Assistant responds faster, the audio is clearer and louder, and the design remains minimalist and pleasing. And at this retail price, it’s much easier to add in your home.

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