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Google’s first Street View EV is a Jaguar loaded with air quality sensors

Over the next twelve months, Jaguar I-Pace EVs equipped with Google Street View mapping technology will be turning around Dublin. And they won’t just collect Street View images – they’ll also monitor the city’s air quality. Google has partnered with Jaguar Land Rover for the project, making the I-Pace the first all-electric Street View car. In addition to mounting Street View cameras on the roofs of vehicles, however, Jaguar engineers have also equipped them with air quality measurement sensors, so they can pull double duty like Street cars. View of London. back in 2018.

The mobile air sensors developed by Aclima will allow me to measure emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as fine particles (PM2.5) into the air on a road trip. . They plan to provide Google’s scientific research partners with the data they need to be able to develop road-level air pollution maps.

Google is working with the Dublin City Council on the project entitled “Air View Dublin”. It is part of the technology giant’s efforts to map hyperlocal data on air quality in the Environmental Insights Explorer program, which could give local governments the information they need to address climate problems and air pollution. and its cities.

Paddy Flynn, VP of Geo Operations at Google, said:

“Air quality is a serious concern, especially for cities, but there is a gap in terms of localized data and insights available to both decision-makers and citizens. As part of this project, we are working on technology to capture this important data and make it accessible so that, with the Dublin City Council, we can guide the planning of solutions ”.

This isn’t the first time an Alphabet company has used the I-Pace EV for a project. Waymo has also added I-Pace EVs to it its self-driving fleet a few years ago and now uses vehicles to test their autonomous driving technology.

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