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Google will be adapting Play Store rankings based on location starting in November.

Whether you are on Android or iOS, chances are you will look at user reviews and ratings before deciding whether to download the app to your device. In the hopes of making them more useful for everyone, Google plans to make two settings in the Play Store

Starting in November, the ratings you’ll see will depend on where you live. So, for example, if your device is registered in Japan, you will first see what other Japanese users think of the app you are about to download. Then, sometime early next year, Google plans to continue tweaking Play Store ratings to better reflect the device you’re using, whether it’s a phone, tablet, foldable computer, Chromebook, or smartwatch. “This will give users a better idea of ​​the experience they can expect from the device they are using,” the company says of the change.

In part, Google is making these changes to help developers. He wants to avoid a situation where ratings in one area affect the global perception of the application. This can happen when the bug affects only one localized version of the software. Of course, this separation means that you can find out about these same errors before downloading the application.

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