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Google is expanding Broadcast and adding more Family-Friendly Assistant features

If you’re a parent or often find that you need to fight a group of people in your home, Google it yearsis the wizard update could be useful. If expanding the Broadcast instrument which was previously limited to its smart speakers and displays on iPhones and Android devices. The company also announced a set of news for the Assistant, including stories, games, songs and a Mother’s Day surprise.

Broadcast allows you to send a message to all compatible devices at once, and you can create groups to specify which ones you want to reach. Google allows you to create a Family group for up to six parents, and the expansion announced today will allow you to reach out to these members as well on their phones. As you can already from a Nest speaker or from a display, your contact can now reply to your message from their Android or iPhone.


Google is improving as well his Family Bell feature that allows you to set school bell alarms like all day long. As of today, you can have Family Bells ringing in multiple devices in your home at once, instead of just one. It also added support for eight new languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Assistant also provides educational content, and the company is adding it to its library this week. It is partnered with Pottermore Publishing to provide it Harry Potter stories. On a smart display or Android device, you can ask the “Tell me a Quidditch story” wizard to learn more about fictional sports. Google says more content than u World Magu comes next year.

In addition to the fiction, the Assistant also receives new historical content from Penguin Random House What it was would be. Saying “Talk to Who Was a Hero,” you can hear stories about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ida B. Wells, and more than 100 others. To test your knowledge after all that learning, you can also play new games like that Yes smarter than a 5th Grader on the smart displays activated by the Wizard. Finally, there are also two new songs about cleaning and brushing teeth that Google said are intended to “help kids stay on track and do their homework.” The company also teased a Mother’s Day surprise for those who set a timer this weekend.

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