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GoDaddy Boots Texas website on life-long abortion rights – whistleblower

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After users threatened to boycott GoDaddy’s internet domain service for hosting a newly created line of tips that allows Texans to anonymously pound on individuals they suspect performance abortion in six weeks or anyone who “benefits or incitement ” such abortion capable of, the company suddenly announced twhat is this loading site from their servers due to violation of the terms of service.

“We told that they have 24 hours to switch to another provider for violating our terms of service,” Dan S. Race, a GoDaddy spokesman, told Gizmodo by email. The first company informed New York Times 24-hour window to find another hosting provider “late Thursday”, which is probably he only has a few hours to do it, or presumably it will go offline.

At the time of publication, the site’s “anonymous tip” page was either offline or seriously ruined. MultipleAttempts to access the prompt string led Gizmodo to a page with an “access denied” announcement. However, other parts of the site remained accessible.

V site It was founded by Texas Right To Life, an anti-abortion group that has long campaigned against women’s right to choose in Lone Star State. As Gizmodo previously reported, the very nature of the websitered run are in conflict with GoDaddy’s terms of service, which stipulate that customers may not use its platform in a manner that “violates the privacy or publicity rights of another user or any other person or entity, or violates any privacy obligation you have to another user or any other face. other natural or legal person “.

One might think that a site that openly encourages people to impose sensitive health information on their neighbors is clearly violating these standards, and that’s exactly what has done.

“Any Texan can file a lawsuit against abortion or someone who is complicit in abortion in six weeks,” the website says. “If it is proven that these people are breaking the law, they must pay a fine of at least $ 10,000.”

As outrage over the new anti-abortion law, which essentially boils down to a complete ban on the procedure itself, spread online, Twitter users called for a boycott of GoDaddy, and trolls flooded the line of digital prompts for everything from Shrek porn to fake prompts. … The site later installed CAPTCHA protection to avoid these efforts, but now it’s all broken, if not completely offline.

So far, it looks like the Sukuri security team iswhich GoDaddy owns is still hosting a hint line, which means she may have to evacuate to a new host or get dark soon. But if slippery legal maneuver pro-life groups used to crush the six-week ban through the legislature are, in the first place, any indication that there is will, there is a way, and even if they are forced to temporarily reconfigure, we will surely see this disaster go back online in due time.

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