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George R.R. Martin, Vincent D’Onofrio, adaptation of Waldrop’s film A Night at Cooking

The cover of Night of the Cooters: More Neat Stories features a cowboy flying up towards a UFO in a dark sky.

Science fiction writer Howard Waldrop is about to Receive November Life Achievement Award from World Fantasy Convention and his buddy George Martin celebrate a little earlier. V Song of Ice and Fire the writer announced that he had adapted Waldrop’s story “Night in the cutters“What else is not-Game of Thrones project for heap, I’m right?

Interestingly, this was kept very quietly. Martin says the main photography has already completed work on a short film based on one of Waldrop’s stories from A Night at Cooking: More Interesting Stories… It also has a funny name on the front and back of the camera: Nanny Adventure (and whatever, some other things i think) star Vincent D’Onofrio directed scripted by Joe Lansdale (sci-fi /a horror writer by himself who also wrote for Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Love, Death and Robots, Creepshow and more). D’Onofrio also took on the lead role of Sheriff Lindley. You can see the first image at Personal blog of Martin

Martin wrote: “No one writes like Waldrop. And Howard never writes the same story twice. His best story? Hard to say. So many classics. But one of them, of course –Night in the cutters “, finalist for the Hugo Award and Locus Award (alas, did not win either), as well as the title story of his second collection of short stories. Inspired by H.G. Wells and War of the WorldsIt’s all about the time the Martians invaded Pachuco, Texas. “

He added that, of course, Waldrop was involved in the whole process, which Martin said began about five or six years ago. He also detailed what we can expect from him in the end.: “I would guess [the short film] takes 20 to 30 minutes and is captured with a mix of live performances and modern animation. [from Trioscope Studios]… If you liked the story, we think you will like our film. ”

When can you watch it? Well, Martin says maybe a little more. “We shot everything on a green screen, so the post-production will be long. The ball has now been handed over to our friends at Trioscope who will provide backgrounds and special effects. We think that the final version will not be ready until the beginning of next year. ” Additional composition includes Hopper Penn as Sweets, Harrison Page as Luther, Martin Sensmeier as Leo Smith, Christine McCleary as Atkins, Elias Gallegos as DeSpain, Lucy Raines as Skip, Jazzy Kim O’Brien as Lil Chisum and Darius Etiyan the role of Billy Strother. Clarksworld Magazine actually has the story is completely online if you want to read it before we see it.

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