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Game of Thrones HBO Spin Off Show “10,000 Ships” Employs Writer

A menacing fleet of ships with black sails gather in a HBO Game of Thrones scene.

There will be more ships than this in “10,000 Ships”. Probably like 9,988 of them. Give or take.
Image: HBO

The first Game of Thrones spin-off show is House of the Dragon. It’s just a fact. It has already been filmed and will be out sometime next year. HBO won’t stop there – and now, of many others Throne-Reported adjacent projects that are in operation, one of them has actually hired a writer to work on, who seems to be getting a little closer to the top of the list.

Limit reports that Amanda Segel, who produced Helstrom, The Fog, and Person of Interest, was hired to write for a project called “10,000 Ships.” It is the tale of Princess Nymeria and “the last fatal war between the proud princes of the river and the dragon lords of ancient Valyria,” according to Blog by George RR Martin. News of the show existing throughout broke in March, with other new shows called (or) “The 9 Journeys” or “Sea Snake,” and “Flea Bottom.” Bruno Heller (Rome, Gotham) he is said to have been developing “Sea Serpent.”

HBO hasn’t confirmed any of this of course, which means that something can change, and probably will change. But a writer who comes on board looks like “10,000 Ships” is a little more trained in its early stages than “Flea Bottom,” at least. It is impossible to say how much work Heller did on “Sea Serpent.” And don’t forget, there’s also the Tales of Dunk & Egg would be and the animated series also in development. Basically, you can’t know that Game of Thrones project will become a reality later. Only that the race for the third warms up like a dragon ready to hunt down an army.

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