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Game Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel: Skins and Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy in various costumes from comics and film history.

Image: Square Enix / Marvel

next weekSquare Enix Releases Another Marvel game, this one is for guardians of the galaxy… While this sounds like a typical third-person action game where you control Star-Lord and command the other Guardians, there is one thing that deserves special attention, how amazing it is.

As in any big superhero game, Guardians has about 40 playable costumes that you can find throughout the game. Some of them are original, but most of them are taken from comics and movies. IGN has a video showing the ones they found in their recent previews, and they look pretty cool! The skins from the movies look good, and even the costumes from the old comics look good. (Rocket in a suit and glasses from his pretty good The 2017 solo book looks amazing.) It’s pretty funny to see Drax from the movies perform a combo with Groot in his skin from the 2015 comic event Black Vortex.

Interestingly, at the bottom of each description, the costumes taken from the comics not only highlight the comic in which it first appeared, but also the writer and artist, they also highlight the lesser-known people behind the comics: editors, cover artists, and even colorists. It’s a small thing, of course, but it’s important at a time when the creators of the Big Two are not getting adequate compensation. as they should be… And so far, this is the only game that does it: Insomniac’s two Spider-Man games do not mention the creators in any of their costumes, and Avengers the game.

Of course no. But listen, isn’t it nice of them to do that instead of just providing an in-game description and then just dwelling on it, as is usually done in many recent superhero games?

Marvel guardians of the galaxy releases next week on October 26th for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

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