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Fortnite Adds Spider-Man And Dwayne Johnson For Chapter Three

Spider-Man and other Fortnite characters above the game's new island in the promo image for Chapter 3.

Image: Epic Games

It’s a shame that Nintendo used the slogan “everyone is here!” for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, because it might be more suitable for FortniteAfter yesterday’s end of the second chapter of the online game homunculus IP rebooted today with a third chapter, which talks about the largest star on the planet at the moment: Spiderman

Like other Marvel heroes in chapter 2, the crawler becomes a playable character if you buy a battle pass, and the Daily Bugle is one of the locations you can explore on the game’s new island. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the John John Jameson podcast will comment on your every action.) Since Spidey is part of the cast of the game, the third chapter introduces turning mechanics to help you move faster, because a game that prevents Spider-Man from swinging may not include it at all.

Spider-Man isn’t the only IP being added to the game. The armored character Foundation, who first appeared in the sixth season of Chapter 2, is voiced and modeled after Dwayne Johnson. Johnson will eventually become the subject of a Battle Pass alongside Marcus Phoenix and Keith Diaz from Gears of war… Johnson’s involvement was revealed yesterday during the “End” event in Chapter 2, and it’s strange to see him being both damn calm and reserved. Fortnite, period. With an expensive CG scene marking his in-game debut, it seems like we’re slowly getting closer to reality where Fortnite film is a thing. You can watch it in the video below.

As with the last few Fortnite events, it’s really something to watch as it all plays out as part of the narrative. Even if you have even a glimpse of the game, there is a real sense of completeness here, as all players watch the Queen of Cubes and the pyramid collapse, and the island flips, turns upside down. With a new island to explore, there will surely be more IP and reality oddities to come Fortnite’s a constantly hungry fanbase for the next year or two.


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