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Facebook profits from showing ads to teens about abortion abortion

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Facebook has run dangerous “abortion cancellation” ads viewed 18.4 million times since January 2020, according to data new report Center for Countering Digital Hate. Cancellation of abortion, counts unethical and unscientificso worried that accredited researchers have been unable to subject patients to research.

Most of the advertising comes from Live Action, an introspective journalism agency dedicated to “exposing threats to the vulnerable and defenseless.” In numerous videos, the organization depicts “reversing” abortion after taking a single dose of abortion as a proven and safe option.

The bottom line: A teenager or woman in her early twenties with a bright future – perhaps going to college – gets a positive pregnancy test. Possibly pressured by a violent boyfriend, she ends up in a parenthood planning office where an assertive, unfeeling nurse or doctor rushes with her through the medical abortion process. She takes pills, breaks down in the car and walks. She finds an abortion cancellation hotline, which informs her that the procedure can reverse the effect of the first abortion pill. The video is dedicated to a healthy child.

The Center for Combating Digital Hate has found that between January 1, 2020. and on September 8, 2021, Facebook authorized 92 such ads from Live Action News, Live Action and Heartbeat International, a network of anti-abortion counseling centers. Facebook’s ad library shows that since January 2020, ads for “abortion cancellation” have gone from $ 115,400 to $ 140,667.

Their proposed procedure using the hormone progesterone after the first dose of an abortion drug is not FDA approved, and we have no reliable evidence of its safety. In 2019, researchers from Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of California had to stop the first reliable study of the method, when two of twelve early members Suffered potentially life-threatening bleeding. (2000 FDA approved medical abortion, it was shown pose a serious health hazard in only 4% of cases.)

Nonetheless, the “refusal to abortion” is reflected in the legislation. Eight states now instruct that abortion seekers should be provided with misinformation about “reverse abortion” option. Live Action ads also tend to target people in Texas, where the abortion law was passed allowing civilian bounty hunters to file $ 10,000 lawsuits not only against people seeking an abortion, but even against the driver who takes them. to the clinic. Live Action founder Leela Rose called this law “is a historic step forward in ensuring fundamental human rights.”

In total, Facebook’s ad library reveals that Live Action News and Live Action spent over $ 1.7 million on ads from May 2018 to September 2021. Advertisements include the End Abortion Promotion. together with directives on calling legislators and misleading information about the safety of medical abortion.

In 22 advertisements with over 500,000 impressions, Live Action claimed that 24 people have been killed by the abortion drug mifepristone since 2000. added disclaimer that they do not have to be classified as mifepristone as inappropriate administration of the drug to people with health complications can play a role. V argument in support The organization’s “reversal” of abortion is also mistakenly linked to unrelated research on progesterone used for pregnant people, rather than those who have already taken abortion pills.

The Digital Hate Response Center found that Google also paid attention to abortion. ads for 83% of queries like “find the abortion clinic closest to me”; ads apparently disappeared, removed after the Daily Beast contacted Google. (In an email to Gizmodo, Google confirmed that it had found advertisements that violate its policies and removed it.) However, a search this morning found that three of the top ten abortion abortion results came from these sites.

Google told us that it allows abortion-related ads if the advertiser is certified:process” what involves check the box indicating whether they have an abortion or not… (Google labels abortion-related ads as “Provides abortion” or “Does not provide abortion.”) It seems odd that they even allowed themselves that word “Abortion” run-in advertising in general, especially after they provided $ 150,000 in promotional grants to an anti-abortion counseling group that is marketed as a network of medical clinics.

Both companies’ policies prohibit advertising to some extent. Google categorically forbids advertisers from promoting “misleading product information” and “non-government approved products that are sold in a manner that implies they are safe or effective.” The ever more lenient Facebook, which has allowed Live Action and others to target children between the ages of 13 and 17, states that ads “targeted at minors should not promote products, services, or content that are inappropriate, illegal, or unsafe, or who use, mislead, or put undue pressure on target age groups. “

This description of prohibited content is consistent with the story of Andrea, a college student targeting teens and people under the age of 44 and was viewed up to 300,000 times. Another ad aimed at teenagers the chosen one “Prolife OBGYN” claiming to “have successfully reversed the action of the abortion pill”, and viewed over 110,000 times.

Facebook fails to hide misinformation from its platform even from well-known propagandists. Avaaz disinformation tracker activist last year outlined network of easily identifiable covid-19, disinformation “super-distributors”. Most of the pages remain on Facebook, hosting vaccine hoaxes, conspiracies and mindless cures for all diseases, sometimes with end-to-end interstitial ads.

Gizmodo reached out to Facebook and we will update the post if we get a response.

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