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Elon Musk does not object to ban on abortion in Texas, says governor

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks during a visit to the border wall near Farr, Texas on June 30, 2021.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks during a visit to the border wall near Farr, Texas on June 30, 2021.
Photo: Sergio Flores (Getty Images)

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk “consistently” praised Texas’s “social policies” during “frequent” conversations with Greg Abbott, the Texas governor said Thursday in an interview about his state’s policies. landmark ban on abortion

Abbott joined CNBC on Thursday to fend off rumors that the new law will harm the state’s business-friendly image, saying its lax regulations aren’t the only thing appealing to employers.

“To be honest, they not only like the business environment, but you also need to understand that there are many businesses and many Americans who like the social position that Texas takes,” Abbott said.

The interview followed the publication Forbes article say two-thirds of college-educated workers will shun the state because of its new law banning abortion in six weeks

Clicked on if he meant a new interruptin particular, the ionic law, as well as contradictory voting restrictions“attract new companies,” Abbott said, adding that politics is actually responsible for “accelerating the process of bringing businesses to Texas.”

As evidence, Abbott described Musk’s personal political views as conveyed to him in repeated conversation:

“This is not slowing down the entry of businesses to Texas. In fact, it is speeding up the process of companies coming to Texas, Morgan in particular – interestingly – they are leaving the very liberal state of California. And I have to tell you, whether it’s Elon Musk, whom I often talk to – Elon had to leave California, in part because of California’s social policies. And Elon constantly tells me that he likes social policy in the state of Texas. “

Musk reacted to the interview several hours later, but not to confirm or deny Abbott’s characterization.

“In general, I believe that the government should rarely impose its will on people, while it should strive to maximize their aggregate happiness,” Musk tweeted, adding, “However, I would rather not get involved in politics. “.

Musk’s stance on Texas law is impossible to understand from a single tweet, except that he makes it clear that he would rather avoid the topic.

Tesla does not allow questions from journalists. SpaceX could not be reached for comment.

Texas’ latest anti-abortion law, known as SB 8, is the most draconian in the country. In practice, this is widely described as a de facto ban on abortion due to the time constraints placed on people who may wish to undergo the procedure.

In fact, the law prohibits doctors from having abortions for adults and minors as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. Opponents and medical experts say the vast majority of women seeking the procedure will not make it through. They note that due to a myriad of medical problems, including complications from contraception and erratic menstruation, people may not be aware of pregnancy for more than six weeks.

Doctors have criticized the bill for being based on a medical myth, saying the alleged signs of cardiac activity are a deceptive criterion for not abortion as an alternative. In several states, including Texas, abortion restrictions are based on what politicians call “detectable fetal heartbeat… »However, in the sixth week of pregnancy, the fetus is absent, and the embryo, by definition, does not have a heart in its place.

The law is especially harsh on victims of sexual violence. The law does not make any benefits for those forced to become pregnant as a result of rape, even if the survivor is a minor and the rapist is a blood relative.

Conservative majority in the US Supreme Court on Wednesday refused block the law.

One of the most unprecedented aspects of SB 8 is the provision that encourages Texans to report anyone they suspect of “aiding and abetting” abortion after the six-week mark. This allows anyone on the state sue anyone indirectly involved for abortion, including supporting family members, in the amount of at least US $ 10,000.

“Now any Texan can be prosecuted if he suspect about helping a pregnant woman seeking medical abortion after about 6 weeks of pregnancy, ”said NARAL, a non-profit organization that opposes abortion restrictions. “This includes clergy members or counselors, abortion funds that help someone pay for abortion services, and even someone who takes a patient to an appointment, including family members, friends, and ride drivers.”

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