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Dyson patents a robot vacuum cleaner that can climb stairs

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To be honest, I’m too tired to clean my house. I used to pride myself on being the tidiest, whitewashed house on the block. It always smelled like Fabuloso. But then I had a baby, and it all faded away as I give back what little time I have to myself and my hobby of assembling mechanical keyboards.

That’s why I’m pretty sure that I goal demographic for Dyson robot vacuum what can rise ladder. Bloomberg reports that the vacuum manufacturer has worked for 16 years development robot vacuum cleaner it may clean and climb stairs at the same time… Details disclosed in patents published this week abroad, show that the Dyson bot can hold cups and open drawers. The only thing that is unclear is whether this project is still in the planning stage or is it just an idea put on hold for later.

Photo of an illustrative diagram of a Dyson robot vacuum cleaner with hands

Imagine a robot vacuum cleaner that can climb stairs and move objects.
Image: UK Intellectual Property Office

Dyson often works on projects that go beyond his usual scope. From hairtraitors To toothbrushes, the company seeks take over your house… But, of course, it has not yet been confirmed that the stair climbing robot is a real product.

“We are filing a lot of patents,” a Dyson spokesman told Bloomberg. “But we never comment on technologies that we may or may not launch in the future.”

Based on a patent filed in the UK, the Dyson robot vacuum would not be an intimidating anthropomorphic type robot. Instead, in the diagrams, it looks like one of those old school vacuum cleaners with wheels instead of feet and retractable arms. As described in patent application (PDF link):

Track hoists are installed on both sides of the main frame and the attached frame. A bottom plate is installed under the middle of the main frame, and a partition is installed at the rear end of the bottom plate in a hinged design. When the robot climbs or descends a ladder, the robot and the ladder climber meet and the baffle is lowered to the ground. The robot climbs the bottom plate through the baffle, and then the baffle rises and stands vertically to block the robot. When the baffle rises or falls, it drops to the ground, and the robot crawls through the baffle to the floor.

Scheme from a patent application

An example of a Dyson vacuum cleaner moving up and down stairs.
Image: UK Intellectual Property Office

I’m not the type to usually defend the future of robots without any skepticism. But at the same time, I need a vacuum cleaner that can climb stairs. There are additional details about the “exciting” nature of the vacuum sleeves, and the patent seems to suggest that it exists primarily for “orientation control”. But given that he needs to be able to grab a mug, I’d like to see him move the dining chair or straighten the rug. I am most annoyed by the current robotic vacuum cleaners because you still need to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get stuck under furniture or on the yarn of your favorite doll left on the floor.

This all sounds fine if it means that the robot vacuum cleaner can descend the stairs. into the living room, turn around and go up the stairs to do the rest of the cleaning. However, I may have to wait several generations before I can even give such an advanced vacuum… I tend to buy used or refurbished Dyson products because it is often more affordable than buying a new device directly. And by then, we should know if the robot climbing the stairs has become sapient and overthrew us all.

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