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Dune sandworm shots are used as an alternative to green visuals

Paul Atreides and Gurney Halleck hold onto the edge of the starship with all their might as a giant sandworm envelops the giant machine.

Gurney Halleck and Paul witness the sandworm devouring the spice carrier.
Screenshot: HBO / Warner Bros.

In each iteration Dune—Including director Denis Villeneuves – political conflicts that incite war between House Atreides and House Harkonnen, and push the Free Arrakis to fight their colonizers, become minor afterthoughts whenever sandworms from the film appear on camera, or even O show. Curiously, Villeneuve’s version came to life by simply changing the color of the industry’s traditional green screens.

A mind killer that can be fear, Paul Atreides and Duneother players struggling for power can’t help but be gripped by overwhelming horror as the desert landscape of Arrakis begins to rumble rhythmically, as this is one sure sign that a giant sandworm is about to swallow anything that moves (presumably a living thing felt on the surface. A handful of sandworm scenes, highlighting Villeneuve’s art. Dune are some of the most exciting films because of the acute danger it puts various characters in battle for control of the spice production in the universe.

While creatures play a somewhat poetically monstrous role in DuneIn the story, they are also meant to represent the natural strength and grandeur of Arrakis, which the film’s creative team ultimately incorporated into how they brought the creatures to life. In a recent interview with Wired, Dune Production designer Patrice Vermette shared that since so many elements of the film’s story emerged in other sci-fi classics inspired by Frank Herbert’s original novel, creating a new take on worms was a bit of a challenge. “Obviously, on Dune what if you go to the Internet – Google, for example, “Dune sandworm “- there are so many different versions,” says Vermett. “And Dune was such an inspiration for many fans of science fiction and filmed films. V star Wars there is a sand worm. So we wanted to do something very original and terrifying. “

Paul and Lady Jessica stand in front of a sandworm.

Image: HBO / Warner Bros.

Unlike star Wars‘sarlacques, which become stationary and, upon reaching maturity, grow to the size of massive pits, DuneSandworms remain mobile throughout their lives and are known to move beneath the surface of the vast deserts of Arrakis in the same way that marine life swim in water. At several points in the story, Paul and the other characters witness sandworms racing through the desert and breaking through the topmost layer whenever they find other creatures moving. Creating these shots entirely on the soundstage would be a potential option, but since it was important for Lambert to highlight the natural beauty of the locations in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates where the film was filmed, he developed a set of sand screens. – mostly brown background – for use as an alternative to traditional green screens. “I’ll never be a leader who says to Denis:“ Look, if we just make this all a blue screen, ”Lambert said. “This is not how I work.”

Wired explained how it works: “Sandscreen meant that Villeneuve could take all of his beauty shots in the desert, and Lambert could easily add whatever he needed in post-production. All he had to do was change the sand color to whatever building, background, or animal he wanted. This allowed each shot to look as natural as possible – and also allowed for one of the most iconic creations of science fiction … The sand screen meant Lambert could shoot an actor on location. “horseback riding ‘ sand worm – essentially a platform on a movable gimbal, covered in beige – and then add the worm underneath using CGI. This gave Lambert the ability to create solid VFX footage (there were over 2000 in Dune), and Villeneuve is an opportunity to make the film as natural as possible. “

For more information on creating sandworms, including their mouths and unique sounds, see WiredDune is now in theaters and airing on HBO Max.

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