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Dua Lipa headlines Deezer’s playlist of live tracks on Sony’s Reality 360 Audio


Deezer tapped Dua Lipa to deliver some much-needed direct jam to Sony Reality Audio 360 format. Those who subscribe to the HiFi level without losing the music streamer can listen to a 28-track playlist that features live performances captured with Sony’s space audio technology, which promises sound from all directions.

Theoretically, that should make the 360-degree format ideal for concerts. The end result, according to Deezer, makes it seem like you’re listening to the players (including vocalists and band members) and the crowd from different positions. Alongside Lipa, the list of “360 Sessions” includes shows by Annie-Marie, About Waves, Fireboy Dml, Lolo Zouai and Barrie, among others.


Finally, Sony’s space audio format was limited to just 4,000 tracks, including albums and songs by Bob Dylan, Alicia Keys, Miles Davis, Britney Spears, Harry Styles, Outkast, Elvis and Doja Cat, to name a few artists. Compatible tracks can be found in Tidal, Amazon Music HD, live music streaming service and, of course, Deezer.

The playlist arrives on the heels of audio speakers dedicated to Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, the $ 700 SRS-RA5000, which we consider a solid audio device all around that makes the promise of surround sound, but lacks any blows in the bass department.

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