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Donald Trump’s blog is dead


Like too many web empires of yesteryear, Donald Trump’s blog page is no more. CNBC reports that site, From the Donald J. Trump Desk, has closed permanently. Jason Miller, Trump’s former aide, confirmed he would not return, adding that “it was only helpful to the broader efforts we have had and that we are working on.” If you remember, u Trump’s blog was a precautionary response to the decision of Facebook’s Supervisory Board regarding the former president’s social network ban. (U The Supervisory Board approved after the ban, but put the ball back on the Facebook court for a final decision.)

I understand, running a blog is difficult, so Trump may not have understood the commitment involved. After being banned from live on Facebook and Twitter, following his alleged incitement to the January 6 Capitol uprising, Trump and his team said they would return to the Internet with a new communications platform. The barebones blog didn’t really fit that bill, and Miller later said the Trump team has something else in store. There’s always podcasting and TikTok, after all.

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