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Doctor Who: The Lost Story: Galaxy 4 Reworked For Animated Release

Animated Chumbly, the First Doctor and Dravin on the cover of the latest reissue of The Lost Story of Doctor Who. "Galaxy 4",

Will you meet the wrath … Chumbley!?!?!?!?!?!?
Image: BBC

In a sense Doctor Who get it right out of the gate with the far away – monstrous design so instantly iconic this caused a wave of hysteria that helped to catapult show radical success– means that any recapture attempt always flies out of the gate… But whoa, the boy stumbled over the “stars” of the last animated reenactment of the series.

The latest animation restoration is another Doctor Whocountless missing TV series – stories from the earliest era of the series, lost by time thanks to archives regularly destroyed throughout the 60s and 70s, incessant decline on the project preservation of historical media… Today, BBC it is announced that the last will be the story of the First Doctor “Galaxy 4”, a four-part 1965 story starring Dr. William Hartnell along with comrades Vicki and Stephen. The release will re-animate all four episodes (available in both full color and black and white), as well as updated versions of surviving original footage, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and audio commentary.

Galaxy 4 takes place on a planet being thrown into an apocalyptic battle for survival when it is torn apart by three spinning stars. In Galaxy 4, the Doctor and his friends are stuck in a conflict between two alien races who are also trapped on the planet: an all-female warrior called Drahvin, and a reptilian race known as Ryll. When the Doctor finds his friends hostage, and with him As time runs out before the destruction of the planet dooms them all, he races to keep the Dravin and Ryll from destroying each other first.

Much of Galaxy 4 was lost in the BBC’s attempts to destroy the archives, and since then only the audio recordings, the third episode and five minutes of the fourth episode have been recovered. But this major story was not all there was in this particular story. It also introduced us to WhoThe Last Robot Monster: Chumbly, a squad of robotic translators used by the Rylls in their attempts to negotiate with Drahvin. While the Chumblis weren’t meant to be as formidable as the Daleks, the design inspiration is definitely there, and … I mean, come on:

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Screenshot: BBC

The Chumblies weren’t even their real name, that’s just what Vicki came up with for them after hearing them. incredible stupid chirps as they waddled around the house. Quite frankly, there is a reason why the UK did not experience the wave of chamblemania in the mid-60s. But maybe you will when Galaxy 4 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 15th.

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