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Doctor Who is ripe for another revolution


The BBC announced that Chris Chibnall (pictured, center), executive producer of Doctor Who, and Jodie Whittaker (pictured right) will be … A trio of specials next year will mark the couple’s departure from the multi-year series. So it looks like this is the perfect time for Doctor Who to get through the radical shake-up he so desperately needs. I disagree with A recent article says the show should be off the air for a while, but it’s pretty clear that it’s time for the show to develop again.

This is partly because Doctor Who under Chibnall was such a waste: being a showrunner before accepting the job, while popular and award-winning, has always left me indifferent. My first impression was somewhat reassured by the news of the 11th episode of the revived series. Chibnall also deserves credit for hiring the first two color writers for the near-feature series. sixty years history. The fact that many of the episodes were explicitly about material social history suggested a bright new direction for the series. The woman who fell to the groundIt was also an incredibly confident debut and everything looked good.

And then, Yes… As good as Chibnall can generate truly inspiring ideas, the quality of his execution is terrible. He struggled to flesh out the quartet of the main characters and was unable to offer them real bets. And despite the emphasis of the era on diversity, the content of each episode looked much more retrospective. I have written about Chibnalla, who often makes arguments that are the opposite of what he thinks he is making. If only he intended To say that polite protest is the only good protest, Amazon actually treats its employees well and that we can all benefit from the trophies of colonialism.

Naturally, the choice of a woman for the lead role caused the usual irritation from the outside. those corners of the internet. Unfortunately, I think all of the actors involved have worked wonders in trying to make everything Chibnall writes anyway believable. And leaving Whittaker before she could work with another executive producer would be another tragically missed opportunity in this era. I hope this unfair criticism doesn’t force the production team to make a “safe” choice of the next Doctor.

Big secret Doctor Who endurance is both the pliability of his premise and his ability to reinvent himself. Every few years, often as the show’s creative team changed, the show became almost completely different. You might argue that this lack of sentimentality has been going on since the show’s first mission switch, which happened in his fifth episode. The revived show used the version Buffy the vampire slayer the template is from 2005 and it starts to wear out.

It didn’t help that while Series 11 was designed to avoid any heavy backstory for the show, Series 12 was at times incomprehensible to anyone other than diehard fans. In the end, Chibnall dedicated an arc of his series to checking the oversight in the episode that aired on January 24. 1976 year… (And in doing so, he made the Doctor the Time Lord the equivalent of Jesus, which contradicts everything we’ve learned over the past six decades.) Mainstream drama.


Unfortunately, the media landscape has changed and the competition has escalated incredibly. The BBC no longer has the monopoly of talk as it did – at least here in the UK – and is giving way to streaming giants. Netflix, Amazon, Disney and others can offer the kind of creative freedom that once set the nonprofit BBC apart from the crowd.

I’m sure the knee jerk reaction will be to demand Doctor Who jump on the bandwagon of recent Marvel streaming shows. That would be a mistake, because Who is best when it comes to building off a show of any genre that goes mainstream this year. Financially, the BBC cannot compete with these mega-franchises, but the quality of its writing and its unique sensibilities can. However, the only thing the series could learn from these shows is how to put each episode together. event

This could mean that the show is morphing into a series of episodic special events with a longer duration, such as the featured film of the week. Or, like the COVID-influenced 2021 season, it could be a shorter series of closely related episodes. Chibnall may indeed stumble upon a template that will help spice up the show in the future, but I personally hope for something more radical.

For example, if Doctor Who cannot succeed as a glossy, hour-long stand-alone drama, why not return to the short series? Netflix’s Russian doll and BBC I can destroy you both are examples of (excellent) half-hour dramas that offer a break from the current pattern of prestigious drama. It also helps that Doctor Who was launched in this format 25 of the first 26 seasons and offers new – or least different – methods of structuring the story.

It can also ease overeating during his long second life on the streaming platform. Think about it: how many times have you dodged watching a long episode Crown because it’s too much time to invest in your day, but you will happily burn four episodes Brooklyn nine-nine no complaints. You can even ask Michaela Cole to write it, although at this stage I will settle for anyone not named Chris Chibnall.

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