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Disney Says It Found Ways To Make Up For Talent After Black Widow Trial

Disney clearly found “Fair compensation” for the talent, even if it continues with its hybrid release strategy. CEO Bob Chapek said during a teleconference that Disney “has hundreds of talent deals. [its] talent, and overall, they went very smoothly. ”Czapek’s statement followed after the trial. Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson has filed a lawsuit against the company over its streaming strategy.

Johansson’s wages were tied to the film’s box office, and her original contract did not cover hybrid release earnings. According to her complaint, she could have lost more than $ 50 million due to the company’s decision to simultaneously launch Black Widow in theaters and at Disney +, where he made $ 60 million in its first weekend. Then Disney released a statement in which he called the lawsuit “especially sad and unfortunate because of its heartless disregard for the dire and lasting global fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Now, according to Chapek, Disney “is trying to do the best for everyone. [its] customers and ensure that everyone in the value chain … feels that they are meeting their contractual obligations, both in terms of distribution and in terms of compensation. ” However, he did not talk about the details, nor about Johansson’s lawsuit in particular. In a complaint to Johansson, she said her camp tried to renegotiate her deal with the company after learning of the simultaneous release, however, Disney and Marvel allegedly did not respond.

Chapek also spoke on the implementation of an experimental release strategy for Shang-Chi… Unlike Black Widow, it will be theater-exclusive for 45 days before getting to Disney +. In addition, subscribers can watch it for free, instead of paying extra for it, as it was before. Mulan

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