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Disney Royalties Task Force: Comics by Boom Studios

Buffy appears on the cover of the Boom Studios rerun of her comedy series.

Buffy appears on the cover of the Boom Studios rerun of her comic book series.
Image: Kevin Wada / Boom Studios

Following the accusations by Star Wars and Alien novelist Alan Dean Foster that Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and Fox had taken placed to royalties from his unpaid work, a collective of writers and the Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy of America associated with push for the corporation to honor long-term royalty agreements Now they have taken a significant step forward thanks to Boom Studios.

In a press release issued during the night, the Disney Must Pay Task Force he announced that he has begun working with the comic book publisher to begin paying precise royalties to creatives. You will be able to know the many independent Boom-Mouse Mouse, Lumberjanes– but the company also publishes a large number of licensed comic books. For the purposes of the Disney fight, the company is associated with the House of the Mouse thanks to its relaunch of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic line.

“Boom Studios strongly supports all creators who receive any payment of royalties and royalties that are due contractually. When we have obligations, we honor them, ”said Filip Sablik, president of Boom for Publishing and Marketing, in a statement provided through a press release.“ We are happy to work with both the Disney Task Force and our Disney licensee to resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. ”The press release also adds that the Task Force“ believes that Boom Studios did not report on the writers who were due copyright when Disney transferred them to media rights “.

Before The acquisition of Disney of 20th Century Fox and its myriad properties in 2019, Fox has licensed Dark Horse Comics to produce a line of comics based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for more than two decades, including series considered as close official continuation of the show as fans might get, written by show creators including Joss Whedon. Shortly after its acquisition, Fox he finished the business with Dark Horse, and licensed for Buffy went to Boom Studios, that he revived the comic franchise the same year.

Foster, who issued it with royalties deriving from his novelization work of the two Alien and Star Wars: A New Hope (the last ghostwritten under the name of George Lucas) and also the first novel in what will become the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, has launched renewed appeals for Disney to honor the royalty agreements, it has not even provided a public update since confirmation of its problems with the studio had been resolved earlier this month. Disney itself has yet to make a public statement since Foster’s allegations came out in late 2020, when a Disney representative told io9 that negotiations with the writer for his work on the Foreigners the novels were in progress.

“Boom Studios is not to blame here, and the #DisneyMustPay Joint Task Force is grateful that they have taken the lead with their cooperation,” added Mary Robinette Kowal, president of SFWA, in the press release provided. “With their help, we can speed up the process of locating writers who may have been affected by the transfer of rights from Disney. I hope Disney itself has been ready to work with us.”

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