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Disney Flight of the Navigator Remake from the movie Bryce Dallas Howard

A boy on the stairs of a spaceship in a scene from the 1986 movie

Flight of the navigator gets a modern remake for Disney +
Image: Disney

In 1978, a boy mysteriously disappeared. In 1986 he reappears, has not aged a day. Where did he go? Well, an alien spacecraft carried him across the galaxy so fast that time for him hasn’t changed, but eight years have passed on Earth. This is a set-on Disney 1986 movie Flight NavigatoR and after several attempts to get him back, he finally got his champion in Bryce Dallas Howard.

Howard, star Jurassic world franchise who also directed several episodes Mandalorian, will direct and produce Flight of the navigator remake for Disney + version Hollywood Reporter… In this new version, the girl will play the main role, although it is unclear if the story and setting will be exactly the same.

Original film directed by Randal Kleiser (Grease), celebrated their 35th birthday last month… The main role was played by Joey Kramer and the iconic voiced by none other than Paul Rubens. io9 returned to the movie a few years ago and you can read all our thoughts at this link

Disney has been trying to reclaim the title for over a decade, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In 2009, Jurassic world Writers Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connol were reportedly working on the script, but it wasn’t ready in time and the rights were transferred to Lionsgate. Then this company tried to develop its own opinion about Lucifer’ Joe Henderson, but again that didn’t work. Now the rights are back to Disney, and Howard is in business.

Flight Navigator is a great idea for a remake. Eeven if you grew up in the 80s, this is a movie you could have missed –so Most likely, most of today’s children have not heard about it. Also, the idea that a child went missing because he or she shot at the galaxy and then came home confused and frightened is just a cotton dunk idea. We think Howard will knock this out of the park.

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