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DC Police Surveilled Clowns on Social Media, Leaked Docs Show

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A few years ago, the intelligence staff of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC spent an unknown amount of time and money checking the online accounts of people dressed as clowns.

A violation of recent data involving the MPD has revealed a 14-page internal report titled “SOCIAL MEDIA CLOWN THREATS”. Dated October 2016, the document shows the intense interest of law enforcement in “threats coming from [online] accounts created by unknown people with profile pictures of clowns. “Like before reported from The Guardian, these accounts, with handles like “snappytheclown_” and “killerclownamber,” were apparently the source of a series of vague threats against public schools and regional charters throughout the DC area, the outlet reports.

Indeed, the police have become so concerned about the threats and observations they have made track apand responsible people. In one case, police found a phone number that was used to create a creepy clown Instagram account, “crepp_dc_clown,” the leaked document shows. In another incident, police fired on an Instagram message “sent by user‘ dmv_clownss ’leading [social media] readers believe that clowns with bad intentions will visit schools in the Southern Maryland Region, “he says. Christ, there is nothing worse than a clown with bad intentions.

Gizmodo has seen the MPD document, which comes from the Fusion Intelligence Division of the agency’s National Security Bureau. The bulletin, which appears to have been circulated to several officials, makes it quite clear that clowns are a serious threat to national security. It reads:

As most of you are all aware, circulating on most of the popular Social Media sites today like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., there have been threats coming from accounts created by unknown people with profile photos of clowns. These threats are not only coming in the direction of the District of Columbia Public Schools but also the public school systems of the Prince George’s and other “NATIONAL” Councils today.

The document also says:

Members of the Criminal Information Branch were monitored “Open source” Social Media is trying to capture as many of these threats as possible. Members have also responded to various schools in the District of Columbia in an effort to keep up with some of these threats and perhaps where they were generated.

It’s a little hard to blame the police for this. For one thing, clowns are objectively terrifying cocks. On the other hand, the MPD’s investigation was done around the same time as a strange rash of sightings of clowns in nature they were happening all over the place. It was 2016 and, for some reason, there have been ongoing reports of homosexual Juggalo-type beings appearing in gas stations and in parking lots and vacant camps, across the country — and even in other countries. It wasn’t a fun time.

All of which stimulated observations, police departments said of course he became quite worried about that – as you would have it, if you thought that an army of supernatural clowns were planning an imminent takeover of your community.

On the other hand, almost all the incidents described in this leaked police document occurred in early October. In other words, are they all happening around Halloween — you know, that time of year when people dress up as scary clowns and make dumb clothes to scare themselves? Could I have had something to do with it?

The onset of the clowndemic also occurred shortly before to premiere of Stephen King’s Warner Brothers production It is, leading some to hypothesize that the observations were actually part of a shadow marketing scheme designed to create buzz around the film. The study negatu the allegations.

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