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David Tennant Jekyll and Hyde adaptation with wife Georgia

David Tennant's doctor grinds his teeth and holds his daughter (played by Georgia Tennant) in Doctor Who.

Be prepared to smile and endure it.
Image: BBC

A modern interpretation of the classics by Robert Louis Stevenson Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, from showrunners / producers Agent Carter and starring David and Georgia Tennant? Don’t mind if I do it!

Show called Hide, is being developed for Peacock streaming service, courtesy of the Tennants and Agent CarterMichelle Fazekas and Tara Butters, who will write and executive produce… But even beyond the modern retelling, it looks like the story is about to undergo some major changes. Deadline describes it like this: “V Hide, a story of Jekyll and Hyde as a conspiracy thriller, a disgraced journalist (David Tennant) stumbles upon a story that could resurrect his career. But he quickly realizes that he saw what he should not have seen, and now he has become the target of unknown opponents who will do everything to silence him. On the run, when people around him disappear or die, a serious accident has an unusual side effect, and he realizes that there are monsters in the world – and he may be one of them. “

David Tennant is no stranger to this story, he voiced the 1993 BBC radio adaptation …where he admittedly played The First Cop, which was a very early stage in his professional acting career. While it seems unlikely that he will play Dr. Jekyll in this – unless they change the story to be about reporter Jekyll, which would be much weirder than a journalist just stumbling upon the experiments of a mad scientist –Hide will still clearly be a step forward. The show is under development right now, so there is no other information (including who Georgia Tennant might play). However, I got my fingers crossed because this will also be directed by Julie Ann Robinson, who is currently nominated for an Emmy for her work on Shonda Rhimes’ hit series on Netflix. Bridgerton… There are already many talents HideAnd besides, Tennant is obviously a real Jekyll / Hyde fan.

“I read this book many years ago and have been fascinated by this character for as long as I can remember,” said the actor. “This story has haunted me for years, tapping a little impatiently on the shoulder. … I am very happy to play this character, to tell this story and to work with these people. “

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