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Comic book writer James Tynion IV leaves DC for Substack

Blue-black-and-white image of a car with a UFO beam overhead from the cover of James Tynion IV's Blue Book.

A still from the upcoming film by James Tynion IV. Blue Book.
Image: Michael Avon Eming

If things seem a little different at DC Comics in the coming months, it’s because the writer James Tynion IV leaves. He announced today that he will be leaving Batman after issue # 117 in November and Joker after issue # 14 in April 2022. Where is he going? Well, he will be moving his talents exclusively to Substack, with no “immediate plans to write any other superhero comics in the near future.”

The announcement was made, fitting enough in his substackwhich will become a subscription-based site where Tynion will mainly have complete creative control do whatever he wants. And it starts in September with the publication Blue Book, The original UFO comic, written by Tynion, drawn by Michael Avon Eming and written by Aditya Bidikar. It’s a lot to digest, but the author delves into it all on his own footing. Basically, he had to choose between a new contract from DC and another from Substack. The difference is that Substack was “Best [contract] In ten years I have ever managed to become a professional comic book writer. Grant from Substack to create a new set of original comic book properties directly on their platform, which will be completely owned by me and my co-authors, while Substack will not receive any intellectual property rights, or even publication rights, ”Tynion wrote. So here’s the deal he made.

The Tynion backing pack will cost $ 7 a month, with other options and discounts depending on how long you choose to buy-in. “The more you support this newsletter … the more budget I will have to start creating the next wave of big, cool ideas that I really want to try out. There is no upper limit, ”he wrote. Tynion, who also writes outside of Washington, clarified on Twitter that the Substack deal won’t affect any of its creator’s work at other publishers. The writer actually gave a breakdown: “I launched my best-selling original comic series since Beautiful house on the lake at DC Black Label. News came out that my best selling horror comic, Something is killing children, is in development for Netflix with Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy’s Intrepid Pictures. And we announced that Boom Studios and I are launching the first Slaughterverse spin-off with House of massacre… In Image Comics, my conspiracy thriller Department of Truth peaked in sales, close to our initial launch numbers for Issues 10 and 11 (it turns out, people love Bigfoot!), while we continued to develop the project for TV with the great people at Sister. I also had very exciting conversations about the future of my young adult series. Wynd, in comics and other media that I can’t talk about yet … “

Of course, the idea of ​​the creators switching to Substack has been pretty controversial over the past few months. Money problems problems with who is on the platform and who not, the list goes on and on. So this move may not be as clean and easy as it seems. However, that means quite a lot of success for Substack and a loss for DC, not to mention a big blow to the traditional comic book hierarchy.

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