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Clubhouse removed personal information from Afghan user accounts as a security measure

Earlier this week, Facebook unveiled tools to help people in Afghanistan lock down their accounts. Clubhouse, a social audio app, does the same. The company announced on Twitter that it is actively making some changes to privacy settings for users in Afghanistan. In particular, for users who “were not active”, Clubhouse hides their photo and biographical information, which makes it difficult to find accounts in the search.

Users can then add back any information they can share, and can also contact support to make their account “more discoverable”. As noted Facets, Clubhouse declares that all actions it takes are reversible and that these changes will not affect users’ subscribers. The company also states that users may use pseudonyms rather than real names for security purposes.

The move was made about a month after Clubhouse left the beta stage and opened its services to everyone. More importantly, this happened when the Taliban took control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan; the militant organization is using social media to change perceptions. The US still views the Taliban as a terrorist organization, which is why Facebook has banned all of the group’s content. There was no such direct statement from Clubhouse, but it is clear that the company is thinking about how to protect its users in this region.

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