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Cersei, Sprite, and Ikaris Powers

Scenes from “The Eternals” by Chloe Zhao.
Gif: Marvel Studios

While Eternal one of the most space-oriented features today, director Choe Zhao Created a film with a particular focus on highlighting the natural beauty of the Earth, which for the first time made the Eternals themselves fall in love with this planet. Finding a balance between the brand glasses on the big screen and moments that seem “human” were one of the biggest problems for Zhao and the others Eternalthe creative team clashed, and in the new short, visual effects supervisor Stefan Ceretti talks about how they did it.

In the new video, Ceretti breaks some of Eternal“The vibrant scenes — when Cersei, Sprite, and Ikaris all bump into Deviant Croe one night in Camden — explains how digital skill has gone into making the characters feel real and powerful. The believability of this scene was the biggest hurdle, according to Ceretti, because of how technically challenging the Sprite’s illusory abilities and Cersei’s ability to transmute inorganic matter in terms of visuals. “So the main idea was to try and find the right dynamics — the right animation for the bus and also for the Ikaris and Cro’s punch,” Ceretti recalled. “So it was very important for us to know, you know, all the distance and speed of the bus, and where everyone had to be at that moment to make sure everything was in place.”

Exciting since the Eternals’ hand-to-hand combat with Crowe was to be decisive, this is how Sersi saved the bus driver. from death by turning your bus into mass of rose petals that was what Ceretti liked the most. Although a real bus was used to create the frame, Ceretti and his team were able to work with the digital model after the real thing was them the ability to scatter it before transforming it into something completely new. “We tend to do a lot of destruction in our films and it was not that moment,” Ceretti said. “It was a moment of danger that turns into a moment of beauty, and it’s kind of magical and whimsical. it kind of makes the film a little bit unique in that sense. “

Eternal now in cinemas.

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