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Castlevania Season 4 Armor Scene of the Day Become Animated

Striga the Vampire puts on her Berserk-inspired Day Walker armor in Castlevania season 4.

The night is darker before dawn, unless it is an armored Vampire blocking the daylight.
Screenshot: Netflix

Castlevanialast season, even if it takes a while to get started, gives it some of the best action the series has ever had to take a crack at the Belmont family’s whip. But while we may be drawn to the high-stakes show of the show’s finale for gory glory and glamor, at the start of the season we’re treated to a sequence that stops the heart from being ripped apart by Kentar.or Miura’s playbook.

Then to follow from exploration of season 3 of the Styrian Council – a quartet of vampire women who were elderly lieutenants of Dracula, now planning to form his own Empire by invading human territory – at the beginning of the season we will meet one of those vampire leaders, Striga (expressed by Ivana Milicevic), leading his forces on an expansionist campaign. When humans decide to be cunning and attack the Styrian camps at dawn, burning the forces of vampires while they sleep by exposing their tent camp to daylight, Striga becomes even smarter, wearing a sealed suit of “Day Armor” that he then uses (next to a sword as wide as he is tall) to sculpt one bloody path through his enemies, turning the surprise ambush into a slaughter.

It’s an incredible, brutal scene, and now Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind the series, has shared a brief glimpse into the work that went into its creation.

Not exactly from the storyboard to the final product, it’s always fascinating to watch each frame accompanied by its background components, its patterns, the final colors and the lighting passages. Who knew that blood needed so much shade?

But it’s also nice to see the team recognize Day Armor’s aesthetic homage to the work of legendary Berserk mangaka Miura – a tribute that, when conceived, was only an acknowledgment of the vast and profound influence of the series on the fantasy genre as we know it. But now, with the recent news of Miura’s immediate move before this month, one made a bittersweet tribute, if properly bloody.

CastlevaniaLast season is now streaming on Netflix.

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