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Canada fined two idiots $ 20,000 for tampering with vaccine status


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It is one thing to refuse covid-19 vaccinations or testing for the virus – precautions that are unfortunately not required in many parts of the world – but it is another thing to openly lie to the authorities about this, especially when you are visiting another country.

Canadian authorities announced they had recently arrested two idiots traveling from the United States to Toronto for failing to comply with entry requirements. According to news release Travelers provided false information from Public Health Canada regarding vaccination data validation and pre-departure tests. In addition, they were also unable to stay in government-approved premises, which is a requirement for unvaccinated people., and conduct tests of the arrival of covid-19.

Travelers who arrived in Toronto during the week of July 18 received eight fines and will have to pay $ 19,720 each.

“The Government of Canada will continue to investigate reported incidents and will not hesitate to take enforcement action if necessary to protect Canadians’ health from the further spread of COVID-19 and its associated variants,” said Public Health Canada. the release says.


While this may seem like a hefty amount of money, travelers could be fined a lot more and even face jail time. Canadian authorities say travelers who violate any quarantine or isolation instructions given by an inspector or quarantine inspector upon entering the country they face a $ 5,000 fine for every day they break the rules or for every violation. More severe sentences can lead to six months in prison and / oror a $ 750,000 fine.

Fully vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents are no longer required to spend time in quarantine when they enter the country. The regulation also applies to fully vaccinated foreign citizens who are eligible to enter the country. (Minor travel by foreigners will not be allowed until August 9th.). However, in order to be able to opt out of quarantine, travelers must provide proof of their vaccination status and upload them to the ArriveCAN app.

Travelers who have not been vaccinated, like these two in this case, must stay at a government-approved hotel for three days, be quarantined for 14 days, and have covid-19 tests before their flight departs, after their flight arrives, and eight. days later, CTV News explained

“Everyone travelsAccording to Canadian law, those arriving in Canada are required to truthfully answer all questions, ”said Public Health Canada. “It is a serious offense to provide false information and / or documents to a Canadian government official when entering Canada, or make false statements or provide false documents such as vaccination credentials, and may result in fines and / or criminal charges.”

In general, lying to the authorities is a bad idea. By the way, it looks like more work will be needed. Think about it. Presumably, these two travelers had to forge documents that appear to be genuine. It’s much easier to just get vaccinated and tested instead of going through all the hassle. And while we are talking about wasting time, just imagine how the trip ended after the travelers were caught with their pants on fire.

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