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Bungie will reveal what’s coming for ‘Destiny 2’ on August 24th


fans will soon find out more about the game’s future. Bungie will host a showcase on August 24, and although there aren’t many more concrete details, it’s very likely that the studio will reveal more details about the next expansion, The Witch Queen.

A gave some suggestions on what is in store. With a slogan that says “survive the truth,” there is a symbol that has been Savathun, the queen of Hive witches. Savathun is also known as the “Queen of Lies” and “The Deceptive Sister,” who certainly have a connection to that “survive the truth” line.

Bungie has planted the seeds for a greater focus on Savathun in recent months, after years of teasing about the character. Season 14 saw the impressive Vex on the Last City, and (spoiler warning) it looks like Savathun is behind it all. This gives credibility to the rumors that Savathun will be the main villain in it The Witch Queen expansion.


In addition, the studio said in February that it would have more to share. ”The Witch Queen and beyond “at the end of the summer. The time of the showcase corresponds to this.

Earlier this year, Bungie , in part because of the impact of COVID-19. The studio had long planned to move its annual expansions to the first half of each year anyway, “primarily for the health of the team.”

Meanwhile, next to Season 15. We can learn more details about that important change during the showcase. The current season is over expected to end the day of the event. Season 15 should begin soon after.

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