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Bungie is starting to sell its official Destiny toaster


You can now purchase a Destiny toaster to go with your future purchase of one Xbox Mini Fridge. Yes, we get another game-themed device and this increases the zany quadrant to the maximum. As Bungie points out, the toast actually features a Tricorn emblem on your toast. In addition, it comes with a free container to house all your Destiny-themed sandwiches.

You can pre-order the toaster is now available for $ 85 from Bungie store and will be shipped between this December and January, 2022. Welcome, you will also receive a gift Destiny 2 emblem in game Burnt Edges. As the toaster is a by-product of a charity event, 10 percent of your purchase proceeds will go to the St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


In June, the Destiny community raised more than $ 800,000 for the pediatric treatment center, which specializes in the treatment of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. To help galvanize fans, Bungie offered to make a toaster if they hit a $ 777,777.77 target (the developer has a thing for number seven). Because nothing feeds a group of hungry gamers like the promise of toast.

While the basic two-slice toaster is not a match for premium astutu and steam toaster, is clearly meant as a bit of fan service. Destiny players often say “take this bread” when they venture out for the booty and even refer to the Jötunn rifle as Tostapane.

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