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Brave’s iOS browser now puts music and video in a playlist

You will soon have an easier time using your phone’s browser as an improvised media player. Bravo it is spreading an updated iOS browser that introduces a Playlist feature to encode audio and video. If you want to watch a string of cooking videos or marathon a podcast, just tap them along to add them to a playlist that you can rearrange as you wish.

Brave media downloads by default, though you can tell to stream content if you prefer not to chew space. Downloads are also anonymous. The browser takes advantage of this iOS 14 picture-in-picture to keep playing media in the background.

You have to be patient if you want playlists on other platforms. They won’t hit Android or desktop browsers until later in 2021, Brave said. This might be worth the wait if you eat regularly through web media, though. It also underscores the company’s changing strategy. Where privacy was the primary hook, Brave is adding video calls and other features where privacy is only one part of the equation.

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