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Brands are turning Adam Levine’s sixths into delicious food ads

Adam Levine performs during the Maroon 5 show at Hayarkon Park on May 9, 2022 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Adam Levine performs during the Maroon 5 show at Hayarkon Park on May 9, 2022 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
A photo: Shlomi Pinto (Getty Images)

Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5, recently received information about his sixths from a woman who was not his wife. And if you thought the biggest brands on the planet couldn’t turn something so clumsily aroused into social media marketing, we’re here to tell you about it. Can. Yes, Levin’s posts went from mildly funny meme to exaggerated publicity in just a few short days.

The sextes of the 43-year-old singer initially went viral this week, not only because of obscene details about Levine’s alleged affair with 23-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Sumner Straw, an affair that the singer denied. Levine’s sexts went viral because they were so clumsy that a 16-year-old would try to express his feelings.

“Hell. Holy fuck. I would do anything for this,” Levin wrote in one of the messages, judging by the leaked screenshots.

How does any healthy brand turn this into a social media ad? Replacing the object of arousal with a product—whether it’s Velveeta mac and cheese, an Ax body spray, or Jimmy John’s cucumber dipped in some kind of white sauce. Are you hungry yet? Horny? No one? That’s what we thought.

The first step for many of the brand managers behind these social media accounts was to turn the word “fuck” into something purified. And they apparently got extra points for censoring the brand, turning the word “fuck” into “fork” in the case of Velveeta or “frank” in the case of Oscar Mayer sausages.

You receive a picture. And you can click the slideshow to see more if you’re into that sort of thing. Adam Levine’s sex life doesn’t really make us crave Buffalo Wild Wings. But it takes all kinds to make the world go round. And you’ve been warned that clicking on links is probably not for people with weak stomachs.

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