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Bolsonaro can’t get social media companies to leave their posts

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Brazilian President and Hiccups body horror to demonstrate the adventure of Jair Bolsonar force social media companies not to remove him or his supporters terrible posts failed.

According to New York TimesBrazil’s Senate and Supreme Court have taken steps to prevent an order from Bolsonaro that would impose huge fines on companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube if they dare to remove any content that falls outside a narrow range of categories, such as nudity. , incitement or infringement of copyright. The preliminary measure would also allow Brazil the federal government will require companies to rebuild content in these categories, required social media companies to seek court orders to remove anything else, and imposed similar restrictions on account deletion.

Bolsonaro, whose presidency turned into disaster after his administration catastrophic appeal pandemic coronavirus, accelerated eradication Amazon rainforestand numerous corruption scandals, is an deeply unpopular in polls ahead of next year’s elections. Propaganda at the core of the presidential 2022 strategy and decree were clearly designed to prevent social media companies from interfering with its ability to spread lies that the upcoming vote would be rigged, as well as coronavirus disinformation intended to distract from near 600,000 estimated deaths throughout Brazil. Bolsonaro recently organized protests across the country, which critics have warned could lead to 6 january assassination attempt in style coupbut all this ended de facto dead endwhen the president showed that his support was strong enough to stay in office, but not strong enough to overthrow his opponents

Bolsonaro has been embroiled in a bitter power struggle with the Brazilian Supreme Court, recently reneging on a promise ignore his rulings, and most of the Senate, which examining his appeal pandemics. The Times reported that both institutions took action to prevent the order from going into effect: a court suspended the rules and Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco deferred them. Both found that Bolsonaro had exceeded his authority by taking interim measures. because it is addressing a non-urgent issue, and the Brazilian Congress is debating its own Internet rules. Internet law professor at the University of Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Affonso Sousa, told the newspaper that the Senate decision effectively barred Bolsonar from issuing similar orders until at least 2022.

“This is a very positive sign that the Brazilian political class has reacted,” Mauricio Santoro, professor of international relations at the university, told the Times. “The Brazilian leadership is finally realizing how important the Internet is to political life in Brazil.” But he warned that Bolsonaro “is not going to give up this fight so easily. The Internet is very important to him. “

Unsurprisingly, the order was opposed by tech firms including Facebook, Google and Twitter, which raised understandable fears that it would limit their ability to control (or pretend to be in control) toxic content and viral hoaxes in their networks. YouTube earlier deleted videos from a Bolsonaro account spreading lies about the coronavirus and, according to Reuters, he recently demonetized 14 channels that the Brazilian Supreme Court said spread misinformation about the elections. Brazil’s Inspector General for Electoral Justice has issued similar directives for YouTube and Twitch., Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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