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Black History Month Superhero Anthology Announced

Main cover art for DC Power: A Celebration #1 by Janoy Lindsey.

For the last few years, both COLUMBIA REGION as well as Marvel published anthology stories dedicated to the heroes who strange or a particular marginal identity. DC’s output is significantly smaller than Marvel’s, but no less important as Kevin Conroy a story from this year’s DC Pride will bear witness. And in 2023, the publisher continues these anthologies with one for Black History Month.

Revealed during DC inquiries for January 2023, DC power The anthology will engage black writers and artists to tell stories featuring the publisher’s various famous black superheroes. Name dropped in request for Strength or featured on the cover include Nubia, Batman (Jace Fox), both Green Lanterns, John Stewart and Joe Mullane, Cyborg and Aqualad (Jackson Hyde). While no specific teams have been named, the creative team will include Chuck Brown (black manta), Stephanie Williams (Wakanda), Evan Narcissus (io9, Rise of the Black Panther), and others.

DC power is the second anthology dedicated to the Black Heroes of the publishing house, which will be released next year. In February, DC will release Milestone 30th Anniversary Special, which will focus on heroes from this particular imprint such as Static, Rocket, and Hardware. Although it is special and Strength will have some of the same creative powers as Brown and Williams, it’s probably safe to say that the Milestone characters may not actually appear in Strength. DC has had a bit of an odd relationship in the past with Milestone characters appearing in its media and comics, especially Static. However, the Milestone Special Edition will be a crossover between the older Static and Future Batmanso maybe some exceptions will be made.

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DC power will be released January 31st Milestone 30th Anniversary Special just has a “February” release window at the time of writing. Let’s hope it’s DC’s counterpart to Marvel Voices and used for other anthologies featuring a variety of heroes from DC’s ever-expanding catalog.

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