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‘Batman Beyond Cinema’ puts ‘Stasis’ at Warner Bros.

Cover art for Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1.

Image: Christian Ward/DC Comics

Another relatively recent hire James Gunn and Peter Safran lead Warner Bros. The DC Films division has caused some ripples in the already turbulent air of DC films. Wonder Woman the third film was put on hold before Gunn and Safran pitched their overall plan to the WB, sequels for Superman as well as Black Adam maybe got backburned, and so on. Things are so uncertain at the moment that even movies that you would expect to be true are no longer moving forward at the moment, like Batman Beyond.

Yes, it was something in the works. Per Hollywood Reporter In a recent Heat Vision news letter, a film about the futuristic version of the Caped Crusader is currently not being promoted. Boooooooooo. The script was in development from Bat Girl as well as Flash writer Christina Hodson, one of which is said to have excited executives, but Hodson has now been reportedly ordered to stop working on it. According to sources who spoke to The Reporter, Michael Keaton would have returned as an adult Bruce, and the hope was to also include a romance with Catwoman, perhaps even going so far as to bring back the Michelle Pfeiffer version of the character from ” Batman Returns.

Batman Beyond Intro HD

If you weren’t born when Batman of the future was on the air back in 1999 on KidsWB, the lift pitch is that Batman (voiced then by Kevin Conroy) has retired and punk teen Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) has taken on the mantle. The show gained a cult following at the time, thanks in part to its connection to the DC Animated Universe, but since then, its status as part of Batman’s history has been…quite complicated. Terry and his supporting cast were integrated into the mainstream DC comics canon, but it didn’t really mean anything until the events of New 52 “Futures End” and he’s headlined his own comic ever since. He is still a possible son of Bruce, but now the particularity of this is diminished by the existence of Damian Wayne and D.C. not really doing any shenanigans to bring Terry back to the relative D.C. today.

With what beloved Batman of the future there is, and as much as DC loves pulling Batman’s trigger, the movie seems like a no-brainer. Maybe it will still happen after the submission of Gann and Saffron, but be aware that Gunn himself said the duo could potentially make some moves that would piss people off. It could just as well be that Batman of the future the film is something we will never see.

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