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Bannon says he’s indicted because his podcast is powerful

Steve Bannon, midwife of modern American fascism, speaks on his WarRoom: Pandemic podcast on September 6, 2022.

Steve Bannon, midwife of modern American fascism, speaks on his WarRoom: Pandemic podcast on September 6, 2022.
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Stephen Bannon, a former adviser to Donald Trump who helped turn the neo-fascist billionaire into a mainstream political figure, is expected to face new charges this week related to his alleged scam to erect a wall on US-Mexico private property. borders, according to new report Washington Post. Why is he accused? If you’re listening to Bannon, it’s because his podcast is simply too powerful and Democrats are afraid of what he’s saying.

Bannon was pardoned by Trump after he was charged with fraudulently crowdfunding a privately built section of the US-Mexico border wall. Bannon allegedly received about $1 million from the campaign before he was charged with wire fraud and money laundering, but he didn’t even stand trial before Trump pardoned him.

“Just a few days after being stabbed three times by deranged NYC thugs inspired by the Biden administration to kill me with the police, the Soros-backed DA has now decided to file false charges against me 60 days before the midterms because WarRoom the main source of the grassroots MAGA movement,” Bannon said. NBC News in a statement late Tuesday evening.

Swotting refers to the practice of falsely calling the police at a particular location and describing an extreme scenario (often kidnapping or murder) in the hope that the police will escalate the imaginary situation and shoot everyone living there. Far-right congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia was also the victim of at least two strikes in recent weeks.

“SDNY did the same thing in August 2020, trying to get me out of the election. It didn’t work then, it certainly won’t work now. It is nothing but a partisan political weapon of the criminal justice system,” Bannon continued.

Bannon’s statement continued about the “wall” he would like to see extended in the US-Mexico dispute before moving on to talk about a real tough guy.

“They are after all of us, not just President Trump and me. I will never stop fighting. Actually, I haven’t started to fight yet. They’ll have to kill me first,” Bannon said.

Bannon is expected to turn himself in to police in New York on Thursday, according to the Washington Post, although the exact charges against Bannon have yet to be announced.

Bannon hosts a podcast called WarRoom: Pandemic where he often trades pro-Trump conspiracy theories and hangs out with fringe figures on the far right. The 68-year-old often talks about the Chinese Communist Party’s threat to the United States, which is pretty funny considering Trump’s recent comments at a rally, where he praised China’s authoritarian leader Xi Xinping for being “smart” and ruling.with an iron fist“.

The latest episode of Bannon’s podcast, which is available on the alt-right YouTube alternative known as humincluding guests Nigel Farage, Sarah Palin and Miranda Devine. What dangerous ideas did they discuss that Democrats in New York should hide from the public? Farage complained that Albanians were illegally entering the UK to work for criminal organizations, Palin rambled about ranking voting before asking listeners to fund her. ridiculous congressional campaign in Alaska, and Devine insisted that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was the criminal mastermind. Needless to say, you can understand why Democrats would be horrified by this podcast – it’s sticky things.

Rumors appeared in February 2021– a year and a half ago – that despite Bannon’s federal pardon, he could still face charges from the New York Attorney General. And it seems that these rumors have been confirmed, even if this is a great example of how the wheels of justice turn slowly.

And while Bannon’s podcast is often hilarious, it can actually be dangerous in other ways. Bannon, who was recently found guilty on two charges of contempt of Congress, used inflammatory language on his podcast multiple times, including one time he called for the execution of certain health care officials.

“Second term starts with Ray being fired, Fauci being fired,” Bannon said shortly before 2020 presidential election. “Now I really want to take it one step further, but I understand that the president is a man with a good heart and a good person.”

“In fact, I would like to go back to the old days of Tudor England. I’d put heads on spikes, that’s right, I’d put them on two corners of the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats. Either you agree with the program, or you don’t. It’s time to stop playing games. Blow it all up, name Rick Grenell interim head of the FBI today. It will light them up, right? Bannon continued.

Bannon did not call for President Biden’s execution, but he did say on his latest episode that it would soon be the execution of Bill Barr and Christopher Ray.barrel time“. Barr, Trump’s former Attorney General, and Ray, Trump’s nominee to head the FBI and current head of the FBI, both put up the mildest resistance to Trump’s latest rhetoric.

“I’m always worried about threats to law enforcement,” Ray said in beginning of august about threats against the FBI after a search of Trump’s house in search of illegally stored classified documents. “Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with.”

It wasn’t exactly a call to mutiny against Trump. But Bannon clearly saw it differently. And Barr’s recent criticism has been just as lukewarm, acknowledging that it’s a problem when a former president tries to withhold highly classified documents, as Trump did.

“I don’t think the appointment of a special master will be delayed, but even if it does, I don’t see it fundamentally changing the trajectory,” Barr said. Tuesdayciting the latest ruling, which supported Trump’s desire for an independent “special master” to withhold documents from the Justice Department.

“In other words, I don’t think it’s going to change the game as much as we might have a couple of innings of delay due to rain,” Barr continued.

Again, not exactly a strong reproach to Trump or Trumpism. But Bannon knows he needs to keep guys like Barr and Ray in line. They could have been nominated by Trump and they could even I still vote for himAs amazing as it sounds, there cannot be the slightest match between Trump’s puppets and the man himself. That’s just how authoritarianism works.

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